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mums with babies born in march 2004 Rss

hi all my little man was born on the 16th of march he was three weeks early and was a good size 8lb 14oz and ihope to chat would love to chat to other mums with babies born around the same time ,hope to beable to chat soon to you all .

regardsTrudi mum to three kids

Trudi , mum of Stephanie, Jessica, & Samuel

that does not make much sence but im sure you all get it .the reason for all the mistaks was my son on my lap pressing the buttons.

Trudi , mum of Stephanie, Jessica, & Samuel

Hi Trudi
my little monkey was due 30/3/04 but decided he'd wait till 5th of April

Hope to catch up with you soon and share notes about these little munchkins


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi everyone,

My little boy was born on the 24th March. He was 4 1/2 weeks premi.

We had a c-section and he was in intensive care for a few days but he is all well and good now..

Growing ever so quickly and we are loving each moment (even the tough times).

Any how would love to chat to you all too.



Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

Hi March mums,

Mikay was born 18 March, 3 weeks early. Weighed in 2640g (5lbs 13oz).

She is constantly rolling in her cot & sometimes too tired to roll onto her back again. She hasn't got any teeth yet either but I'm sure she's teething as she is more grizzly these days. For the last week or so after putting her to bed she has been waking up 2 to 3 times in the early mornings. Anyone's babies doing this? It's driving me crazy with the lack of sleep, feels like I have a new born again!

Sarah, Mikayla's mum. Sydney


My daughter was born on the 29th March 2004, she was 9lb 1/5oz or 4110g.

Hope to chat with you all soon.

I my little angel Olivia was born on the 29th march, I was induced as she was 1 week late. The time has flown since then and I can't imagine life without her.
hi everyone!
my wee girl emma was born 29th march too.... i had to get induced 10 days late. but had a good labour/birth. things are going pretty good! shes crawling around and saying mumma dadda and bubba. no teeth yet though. my first girl (2 yrs old) didnt move around till 11 months and got her first tooth at 13 months!
i love being a mum.

rachel, nz, mum to two gorgeous girls!

Hi .. my twins were born on the 30th March (just scraped it in)// they were 4 1/2 weeks early! Like typical men .. they are taking their own sweet time to do anything! They are just starting to crawl now .. Caleb has 1 tooth and 4 bumps (teeth on the way) and Declan has 3 bumps (teeth on the way), They don't say anything yet .. but they are starting to 'talk' so the first words will be anyday now! They were 6 pound 7 and 5 pound 10 at birth (awesome sizes for twins) and they are my little chunks!!!

Fiona, Tas, mum to 3 under 3

hi fiona nice to hear from you wow what little chaps they are my little man isn't doing anything at the moment all he does is sit , he hasn't even rolled over yet so im wondering if he ever will , and still has no teeth ,his sisters were five weeks early and they did all their milstones on time it just goes to show you that all children are different hey !!!

Regards Trudi

Trudi , mum of Stephanie, Jessica, & Samuel

Hi James mum, My little man Joshua was also born on the 26th of March at 4:13am after a 28 hr labour!!!!
I know you posted this a while ago but hope you read this as would love to chat to see How James is going.

Hannah, mum to Josh born 26/03/2004

Hi Hannah,
Wow 28 hours, that is just not right!!!
I thought 16 was bad.
I was thinking of calling my son Joshua. What hospital did you have him at? My email address is if you want to chat more, id love to hear from you.

Cara, SA, 12mth baby boy

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