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What age should i start my son @ Gymbaroo??? Lock Rss

Hi Mum's & Bub's,

I am very interested in starting my son Nicholas with Gymbaroo and swimming, as i have heard that it is important for the babies to start early with co-ordination and play and safety in the water.

But , i have one problem and that is "what age do i start him", he will be 4 months on the 13th Nov 2004.

Does anybody attend gymbaroo or a swim school that could help me out in getting him started,and do i have to wait for a new term to start before i can enrol him???

would love to hear from any mums that take there bubs to gymbaroo or swimming.


Ann & Nicholas Milham
Hi They recommend 6 months old to start swimming lessons.
HI, I started my 3 swimming lessons late, mainly because there were no suitable facilities in the area. (they have been going 3 months now.)

There is a thread around about swimming lessons for youngins, and it really does depend on the child as to wether they are ready for it or not smile

For gymabroo i never really bothered with it msyelf so can't help there sorry.

good luck smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hi Ann

I know that you can start gymbaroo, From 6 weeks old. I am a nanny for 10 years now, i've been looking after a little girl for 14months now, and she was 2 months premmie. I took her to gymbaroo at 8 months and it help her a lot, after 4 weeks she started sitting up on her own , whereas before she couldn't do that. I would recommend it.

As for swimming, i think it is after 6months old and that also, it a good idea. the earlier you get them in the better


natalie, NSW, 14/12/04

should start your child swimming at the earliest age that u think is good for the child, and when the swim school will accepts them. u don't have to wait to start swimming u can join them at any time just as long there is a spot availble for the child.
with gymbaroo its better if they are walking that way they can do most of the activities and run around and have fun

but overall its up to you and when u think when ur child is ready for these activities.
Hi Ann,
I started Gymbaroo with my son when he was about 3 months old. Although I enjoyed meeting people and the outing, he usually was very upset and tired. I think the time didn't suit him, We gave it away after the first semester as it was too unsettling for both of us. I think he only enjoyed one of the classes. I took him swimming with my partner and found he enjoyed it alot. I think being able to decide when he was in good mood and that we could go when we wanted to. I guess it depends on what the personality of your child is also.
Personally I think Luke was really too young to get much enjoyment out of it. I think he would be more interested now at nearly 10 months. But like I said every child is different. I find just spending time with him myself has been beneficial, He crawled at 7months and is now cruising around the furniture on his own. Good luck with Nicholas

Steph,Vic, 10 month boy

Hi i actually went to "Jumping Jacks" very similare to Gymbaroo however it is runs by a physio and you can claim it on your private health insurance ( I got all my money back from Medibank priavte) I went to the class at baulkham Hills but they also run at Rouse Hill.
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