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25yo mum of 4 wanting more msn buddies Lock Rss

i know most of u already
im starting to feel really isloated now with 4 kids 5yo b, 3yo g, 1.5 b, and 10 old b
And i am going to find my self very house bound here on the farm.
so i would love some more buddies
but if u live near echuca , kerang or any of those kind of areas, i would love to make good friends to get out of the house every now and then and have a bit of fun.
and to have a bit of adult company.

my msn addy is

so swamp me im always in the mood for a chat
Hi My names aly. I'm 26 yrs old sahm to 2yr old Tane.

Hope you don';t mind i've just added you to my msn list smile

Mummy to baby boy Tane Hoani


I would love to chat im online during the day while the boys are asleep.

my msn addy is

I added you to my msn hope you dont mind

Mel x
hello missymoo800,

my name is Lisa and i am 18 years old and i have a 7mnth old son and a 4 year old daughter.....i am also engaged to jack who is 25 years old and we have been togetha for nearly 2 years......

I live in Elizabeth area.... but i am always wanting to make new friends..... we have recently bought a computer and we are looking for the cheapest broadband so we can get the net on.... i am bord at home most days if i have finished doin the hous work or i am waiting for the washing to finish lol....
so i wuld love to chat grin

well hope to chat soon

Hiya smile hope you dont mind but i added u to my msn list. im 26 and have a three month old son.. Looking forward to a chat..
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