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New member looking to chat... Rss

Hi! My name is Julie and I have a 3 year old girl and a 7 week old boy.I'm new to the chatting experience so if a conversation takes a while please forgive me.I guess I'll start by saying we live in Brisbane and I'm 24 years old.
Looking forward to meeting you..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

hi my name is natalie and i have a 5 1/2 mth old daughter caprice and we live in victoria and it is really cold at the moment down here is the weather nice up there i bet it is?.So whats your little boys name? well anyway better go seeya nice meeting you bye
Hi Julie, my name is Amanda, I am 21 and I have a 6 month old baby girl called Ella. I am based in Melbourne, but just got the internet connected and am looking for other people to chat to. My e-mail address is if you are interested in chatting sometime! Hope to hear from you soon!

Amanda, VIC, 6mth baby girl

hello Julie am Tracy, i have a 3 mo son. hes my first and i love him to bits, i could talk about him alllllllll day. im 17 and i live in nz, if you would like to chat sumtime that would be great im sure there are a few things u could teach me smile. well hope to talk soon.Bye

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

hi Julie my name is kia and i'm 23 yrs old.I have a beautiful baby boy who is 4.5months old and I to live in brisbane. Hope to talk to you soon

kia, bris

hi Tracy.i'm glad you replied!since our sons are close to the same age it will be interesting to compare and share stories about them,and i'd be happy to answer any questions or worries you may have.i'd love to learn about nz i've never been there.sorry about the late reply,i've finally got both kids to sleep!
talk soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

hi Kia,I'm glad to meet someone close by, and closer to my age. I take my daughter to a playgroup where most of the other mothers are older than me, not that I mind, and none of my friends have children. What part of Brisbane do you live in?
Talk soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

hi Julie
I live on the south side in springwood. What part of bris to you live in?It is nice to hear from someone close to my age to. I only moved here a year ago so that i could be near my family when bub was born. With all the things that have gone on in the last year i haven't had a chance to meet anyone so at the moment life is all about my little jamie. I am looking for a playgroup for Jamie and I to go to but at the moment I'm not sure where to look.
Hope to talk to you soon!

kia, bris

hi Kia
I live on the north side in nundah, so I can't tell you exactly where a playgroup would be, but some are listed in the yellow pages. If not I could ask the owner of the playgroup i go to if she knows any close to you. So where did you move from? I know how having a baby makes your whole life about them, but it's a good thing! I hope your last year wasn't too tramatic.
Talk to you soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

hi Natalie,the weather up here has been hot, but a nice change from the cold winter,although the last two days it has been raining. What's Victoria's days like? My grandmother came from Vic, but I've never been there. My son's name is Aidan.
Talk soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

hi Julie
We moved from sydney to brisin ost last year when I was 3 months preg. I gave up my job and my promotion because i thought I could offer jamie a better life up here which is so true because sydney is the most expensive place to live. It would be great if you could ask about playgroups closer to me I'm at a lose on where to start looking. I'll try the yellow pages and see how i go. Life is great with bub and I wouldn't give it up for anything.
Talk to you soon

kia, bris

Hi Julie my name is Pauline. I have a son Jacob born on 4/7/00 and another son Fletcher born on the 28/1/03. I am only new member as well. I would love to have some email friends. I have no one to talk to about baby stuff over the net. Anyone can email me on

mum of 3

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