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hi emma,
dont worry what people think i was 19 when i had my first and 21 with my second and now im 25 and have a 5 and half month old which is my last baby,but i remember feeling like you years ago its good being a young mother because you grow with your children and as for weight gain its healthy and normal to put on so much,ignore those who make you feel that way and be proud of your bump its a beautiful thing being pregnant.i'd love to give you my email address it is,i'd love to hear how you are doing ,best wishes and good luck.yasmin p.s i have 3 labour stories i'd love to share with you .


hi emma,
dont worry about what anyone thinks,i was 19 when i had my first and 21 with my second now im 25 and have a 5mth old which is my last.but i do remember feeling like you years is good being a young parent because you grow with your children and that makes even more for weight gain who cares about how much,your having a baby and thats a good thing so i say enjoy your bump,i have three labour stories i'd like to share with you so i'll give you my email address it is feel free to write as much as you like,i'd love to hear how you are wishes and good luck yasmin


HI...Im 24 and i live on the gold coast and have only been down here for just over a year but used to live on the north side of brissy.. I have 2 daughter 3 and almost 5 and am 6 months pregnant with our third child.. Feel free to email me to chat about anything my addy is

Hi Emma..
I am 24 have 2 daughter aged 3 and almost 5 and am due to have our third child in March 04... My first labour was pretty good...only 5 1/2 hours and my second was only 45 minutes long... I had pethadine and gas with the first labour... the gas made me feel very ill but the pethadine worked pretty well..and i also had pethadine with my 2nd but they gave it to me 30 minutes befoe i gave birth to my daughter it didnt work at all... And this time round im not having any drugs at all... Unless they have to do a c-section.. I hope all is going well for you.. Feel free to chast anytime my email addy is
Hi Emma
My name is Leanne, i'm 20 and 38 weeks pregnant. I have also put on about 11 kilos (4 in the last week alone!) Don't listen to what anyone says, the normal weight gain in pregnancy is around 10 to 15 kilos (I've heard) so you havén't put on that much weight!
If you would like to chat to me, please e-mail me. I also have MSN.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi Emma, My name is Emma too, and I also had my first baby (a boy - now almost 7) at 21. I also have a little girl who is almost 3. There are so many advantages to been a young mum, like sliding down slippery dips and crawling through tunnels at playgrounds.with your child. As for labour it's really not to bad, don't listen to other peoples horror stories, both my labours were the most memorable and exciting days of my life! Exercising every day and staying fit (Walking in particular) really helps with the birth - it is well documented that fit women have easier labours, quicker too! As for your weight gain, don't worry, a healthy baby is most important I put on 18kg with my first, and 9kg with my second. I breast feed and the weight just came off by it's self. Hint don't tell people how much weight you have put on just say you are both healthy!! If you want to email me your welcome, i'll answer any questions I can.
Good luck and best wishes.
hi julie my name is julie to and first time on here i have a 4yr old and a nine week old from just outside brisbane am 27 yr old talk to u soon


hi nadine,my name is yasmin and im 25 with 3 kids owen5,natasha4 and baby jemma 5 1/2 months,i understand what you mean about adult conversation,my partner was in a head on collision five weeks ago and is in hospital so im now raising the kids on my own for a while and i feel like iam the only adult left in this world as i only seem to be chatting with my kids or breaking up the older kids fights.please feel free to email me at it would be great to hear how you are.good luck and best wishes yasmin


Hi my names i Ngari and i have also just logged on to this site. I have a 4 year old boy a 2 year old girl and a 5 month old girl. We live in cooroy near noosa in qld on a farm which is just so beautiful for this kiddies. How are you coping with your new little darling. My little girl has been in hospital recently and it was a bit stressfull but all is well now. Arnt we just crazy being up at this time of night!!!! Hope to hear back.

Ngari 25, mother of 3

hi, i'm 20 and a mum to tyson who is 2. We live in brissie and looking to chat to other mums. We og to playgroup and also a walking group and love to do lots of fun activities. my email is
cya laters
Hey Emma, My name is Margaret, but my nickname is Buffy, I have had that nickname since i was two!!! I am the original Buffy!!!
Anyway, your message caught my eye because i was huge with my pregnancy, I gained over 17 kgs!!
People used to say to me "not long to go eh?'" and i would've been 6mths preg then! I had a lot of fluid!! Some would say, "are u sure there is only one??"
People are ignorant and callous sometimes, but don't let it get to you, you aren't pregnant forever, enjoy your "blossoming" you have a gorgeous baby inside, growing, and being nurtured by your healthy body!
I did lots of walking after Lachlan was born, LOTS!!
I am 3mths preg now, blossoming again! I am determined to get back into shape even more this time!
I had a caesarian with Lachlan, his head wouldn't engage in my pelvis, I went 10 days over!! I had 2 inductions, nothing happened so they did a caesar!! His head was 39cms at birth!!
Looking forward to your reply!
hi ngari,
thanks for letting me know that there are others up late.hows your baby? my youngest is now 5 1/2 mths and is spoilt of course its her dads fault but now he isn't really strong enough to hold her i have to and my arms are killing me other than that the kids are eldest owen is in grade prep and he has his school concert on friday so im taking the video camera so my partner can still see it .between the kids ,trips to the hospital,looking at houses to move closer to the hospital and xmas shopping im exhausted but i still manage to stay awake til some godley hour its crazy.anyway hope to hear back from you.bye for now fellow insomniac yasmin


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