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New member looking to chat... Lock Rss

hi my name is millie i have a 4 year old and a 11 week old we live in brisbane to. where about do you do the walking group would love to join if its close.


Hi Julie, my names Jane, i have a 7 month old boy ben who is the cuttest in the whole wide world! I'm also 6weeks pregnant with my second and i'm suffering bad morning sickness which i didn't have with ben!! I live in victoria and are very new to this email stuff, and parenting! so is there anybody out there?????

jane,vic,7mth ben

hi how thing going with it i did injoy how chat on friday night let me know how you are ok if you like to chat let me know when you are going to on from johanne plainland qld

Hi Everyone,

I'm 23 & a first time mother of a 7 mth old little boy. I live in Brisbane Qld & are looking for some people to chat to.

where in brisbane are you in ifrom plainland i am 27 and a first time mum to he is one his name is Ethan and my name is johanne let me know where your are plainland qld

JohanneChambers@bigpond .com any time you like all msn and time you lkieto to have a chat plainland qld

hi vicki

My names kia and I to am 23(well in a couple of days) and I have a 7 month old boy as well. We live in bris. If you'd like to chat my email is
hope to talk soon kia

kia, bris

hi vicki,

I am 23 (24 in a week) and have a 4mth old boy, 2 1/2 girl and 4yr boy.. i live in brisbane also.. if you wanna chat feel free.. My email add is talk soon


Mel, Briz, 3 children

hello julie how are you I am rebecca from south Austrlia with twin girls 6 1/2 months old
i am 23 years old

Rebecca, SA, two 10months

hi, Emma, i am 22 and i have a 9mth old baby boy! i know just how you feel as people were the same towards me when i was 6mths pregnant! i had one women tell me that i have gained so much weight that i won't be able to lose it after i have my baby and that i eat to much she upset me that much i went home and cryed. I have just about lost all the weight i gained now, and i did it just by taking my son for a walk everyday so don,t take any notice of what other people think or say every pregnant woman is beautiful no matter how big or small they are. but regardless to all that i loved being pregnant it was the most amazing feeling knowing that you have a little person inside you and every so often they give you a big kick just to let you know that they are stll there. and as for labour everyones labour is different but my labour was not as bad as everyone was telling me it was. if ur up for suggestions i suggest you have a bath while ur in labour just tell the midwife. Having a bath takes all the pain away and helps you dilate quicker.anyway i have to go hope to hear from you.

sian *baby beau 9mth

love to chat with you on msn let me know when you are onjohanne plainland qld

hi my name is johanne i from brisbane love to chat with you i am 27 got a boy who is one i am on msn if you are let me know plainland qld

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