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New member looking to chat... Lock Rss

hey sian,

how are you? i have a 9wk boy my first and we also have a 4yr boy and 2yr girl from my partners previous marriafe. and live in brisbane.. how are coping..
talk soon

Mel, Briz, 3 children

hi sian and judit
my names kia and I have a 5 month old boy and we live with my partner in brisbane. hope to talk to you both soon

kia, bris

hi julie
I was just wondering how old your little girl was when she started to crawl and said her first word. I'm not real sure but my bubs beginning to make noises that sound like "mumma" and I was just curious on when other bubs baga to do these things. hope to talk soon

kia, bris

sorry about my bad spelling i meant began to do those things

kia, bris

hi melissa,

i had aidan on the 12th of august, so i just missed you. i would let kenzie sleep. he seems to have worked out the all night sleeps by himself.thats really good at his age.aidans feeding times are around the same except he still wakes at 1 and 5am but hes getting there. my daughter akayla didnt sleep through a night until she was about 3 months or so. my email address is [email protected] if its easier to chat there. what did you think of the rbh?

hope to talk soon

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

Hi mel/kenzie & littlegrr thanks for your reply. It's really nice having some adult conversation if you know what I mean. Well parenthood has sure been an eyeopener. I have a sister thats only one year older than me who has three children so I thought I had a really good idea of what becoming a mum was all wrong was I!!!! Don't get me wrong I LOVE having Ava she's the light of my life, it's amazing how much you can love someone after only knowing them for 10 weeks. I guess everyone tells you how hard it's going to be but until you actually experience it for yourself you never really realise. I've finally got myself into a bit of a routine. I used to be a clean freak prior to having Ava but I've now learnt to prioritise and what doesn't get done today will have to wait til another day. My husband runs his own business and is really flat out at the moment which meant he was only able to have 2 weeks off with us when she was born and now works long days. It's both hard and lonely being home all day alone with the baby but that just makes our weekends even more precious.
How are you both coping????
hi kia,

akayla was 6 months whe she started to crawl.she was an early walker, but at around 4.5 5 months she came out with mum just out of the blue she said it five times and then didnt say much at all for another couple of months weird hey. so usually your instincts are right and he is starting to talk yeah!my email address is [email protected]

talk soon

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

Hi there superwoman

My name is Debra and I have a son who is almost 19 months old. I work full time five days a week and am so lucky that I have my parents, mother-in-law and family day care to look after him.

I have been a member of this site for 10 months now and have got some interesting advice from here. Hope you enjoy it
Hi Juile,
how do i cope, well i just do and with a lot of help from my hubbie. My children are 13, 11,10 and 8. i am also 27weeks preg. I am finding this one a lot harder than the other one though.
cya soon Martha
hey avas mum,

i can totally relate to your husband having his own business and not being around much.. i am in the same situation with my partner. we started our own business at the start of the year and at the moment business is good and he is really flat out also.. although he tries to be at home as much as possible to help me and also we have 2 other children from his previous marriage and he feels that at the moment i need all the help i can get with coping with a new born and then the other 2 are 4yr old and 2 yr old.. its sweet that he helps as much as he can and i thank god for him i would be lost without him..its good that they are in daycare during the week so i can get use to the demands of a baby he is 9weeks now.. but next year i am thinking i will keep my little girl ashlee she is 2 home with me.. jayden is in preschool than so i dont want to pull him out.. he needs that interaction with other children..

apart from that am coping well.. have my bad days but so does everyone.. i am glad we have a routine so makes things alot easier...

talk to you again soon

Mel, Briz, 3 children

hi how are you are in the msn chat line for mums
from johanne my boy Ethan said mumma at 6 months old first bubb nannan some time dadda

[email protected] plainland qld

hi how are you my name is johanne chambers i got three kids and two of them are my step kis one is 8 one of them are 11 my boy is 10/1/2 months tell me what you like doing with your self?send me on [email protected]

[email protected] plainland qld

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