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hi julie
jamie did the same thing hes said it a couple of times but now nothing, oh well I was just wrapped that I was his first word!!!! Hes starting to crawl now and everyone reckons he'll be an early walker it just seems hes growing so fast and I can't keep up with him. Iwas wondering if you have msn messanger? talk soon

kia, bris

hey julie.
tried to send you an email but kept coming back to me.. my email is [email protected] if you wanna drop me a line ..
talk soon..

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi Amanda,

My name is Selene and I am 26 years old and live in the Western suburbs of Brisbane. I have just recently became a member and I came across your message about your little one being a prem baby. My beautiful daughter Lily is 8 months old and was born at 31 weeks gestation which was a pretty traumatic experience.

I would one day like to have another baby but I guess I feel slightly scared about it happening again but when I look at my little girl and see how well she has progressed I feel I would do it all again.

I hope that we will be able to talk about our experiences of having a premmie baby. I guess I'd just like to know what coping mechanisms you used and how your family coped with it all?? And especially how your son is now and if you still have to go by his corrected age in terms of development??

Well I guess I had better leave it here.

Hope to hear from you in the near future,


hi my name is johanne chmbers i live in brisbane to call plainland .
i am 27 got a boy call Ethan he is 10 1/2 months he is a good boy love to chat to you i am on msn so if you have it my Email is [email protected] any time you like to talk to

[email protected] plainland qld

hi kia,

i've just joined msn messanger( i think! )
this is all still new to me. Jamie sounds a lot like Akayla, and he probably will be an early walker.I know, they grow so quickly thats why we have to enjoy them as much as we can!
talk soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

Hi Martha,
Why is this one harder? I'm interested in what advice you can give me as to having more than one child. My eldest is going through the wanting to be a baby again stage, but shes ok with me having to share my time.
Hope to talk soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

Gidday my name is Tamieka and I'm 23 with two children A girl name bree whos nearly 3 and a wee boy dakoda whos 11wks old.Yeah they keep me busy and i love them both alot I'm also new to this Parents exchange so it will be neat to hear back from you.

Tamieka NZ 3yold&3mth

Hi Everyone,
Emma - I hope not too many people look down on you because of your age. I felt people looked at me while I was pregnant because I was old !! (30) Maybe it works both ways.
As far as the labour-don't worry too much. I read all the birth stories I could get my hands on and was really freaked out about it. I remember saying to my hubby I didn't want an episiotomy-but I ended up with one, but in the end bub's had to come out somehow!! For me personally, I wanted to be informed about what all the different procedures were about, that is, the pro's & con's of each. For example, epidural vs natural labour. I think by understanding what they entail it helps you stay in control during the labour and the doctor says "its going to have to be a c-section"-you don't need the procedure explained whilst your in labour, you already know what they will be doing. Does that make sense?? Also, if you haven't already organised it make sure you go to antenatal classes and ask heaps of questions. I was the only one in my class that asked about pain relief options (I hate needles & I'm a big wuss with pain!)
I decided that I was having an epidural-when I went to the delivery suite I told the midwife who organised it straight away (too many of my friends left it too late to ask & had just the gas). It worked out well because my son had a big head and needed the vacum in the end to help him along. I was in labour for around 16hrs, but only the last 2 hrs were really hectic. Make sure you have good, calm people with you. I had my hubby and my mum. My hubby was gobsmacked most of the labour, but mum was really encouraging telling me she could see the head and to keep pushing.
I think every birth is unique, and will vary with each child you have. It was scary and I won't deny painful, but its so true that the pain is but a memory when you see your child in your arms and what you have created & bought into this world. My son is now 6 1/2 mths old and I'm just pregnant with number 2-so its not so bad after all, if I'm going back for seconds.
Hi Everyone,
I live in Brissy in Underwood - I've been meeting up with mums & bubs for a coffee and a chat like an 'informal' playgroup. My son is 6 1/2 mths old. I'm back at work on mondays and tuesdays and can't meet with the mothers group anymore, but maybe we could set a playdate and chat at local library meeting room on another day??? Email me if anyone is interested in meeting or chating online: [email protected]
hi heidiblue
I live right near you at springwood. I'm looking for a playgroup for me and my little man to go to. Would be interested in meeting up with other mums from around bris. if you could email me if you end up getting enough mums that would be great my email is [email protected] talk soon

kia, bris

i from brisbane to i from plainland where are you from my name is johanne chambers i am27 years old i got three kids two of them are my step kids an ethan is mine he is 10 1/2 months old give me a bell on [email protected] any time you like?

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Heidi....

I am near you too, in Daisy Hill at the moment. I have 4 babies, the youngest is 15 months and would love to get together with other mums for a cuppa and a play for the bubs.

email me at [email protected] smile
Look forward to hearing from you

Full time mum to Sam, Levi, April and Livvy QLD

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