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Hi Julie,

My name is Amanda, and I also live in brisbane on the north side. I have two boys, Jadon who is 8 years old and our prem Cory who is 7 months.

Ps: Please if you would like send me a message to. [email protected]

Hope to talk to you soon...
Hi Selene,
Thank you selene for reling to my message. I just would like to know were, was you little girl born.
Because my little prem was also a 31 week prem as well. Yes we are all so thinking about having another baby.

Have you heard that it is not good for mothers that have had prem babys going through that traumatic experience again is more risky for the mother the second time around.

I have an e-mail address [email protected]
Send me a message and I will send you my infomation back to you as soon as I can.

Hope to hear from you soon

Hi everyone I am 21 years old have a daughter Amber 9 mths old and looking to chat with any mothers who would like to chat with me. Looking forward to chatting soon.

Kristy,Vic, 1 year old girl

Hi Kristy,
Where abouts do you live? I'm on the northside of Brisbane. I had my daughter when I was 21 as well, its good to be a young mum! My email address is [email protected] if you'd prefer to chat there. How are you handling motherhood?
Hope to hear from you soon..

julie,QLD,7wk boy & 3yr girl

i am from brisbane to call plainland so where are you from love to chat to you send me a email on [email protected] any time love to chat?

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Tamieka my name is Vikki and i'm 25, I have one son he has just turned 1. His name is Tait, and he is soooooo full on, the only time he stops is when he goes to bed, even then that's a struggle, love to chat sometime, as I am new to this as well.

vikki,nz,1 year old

Hi Vikki, My name is Kristy, I have one Daughter Amber who is nine months old. She too is very full on, it is even hard for her to go to bed lately now she has learnt to pull herself up on everything she doesn't stop. I am 21 years of age and live in Victoria Australia. So I would love to chat again sometime.

Kristy,Vic, 1 year old girl

Hi Kirsty, I would love to chat about your daughter and my son sometime, when is the best time for u? Usually when Tait is asleep is good for me, so either mid morning or early evening after shortland street has finished of course.

vikki,nz,1 year old

Hi my name is Leisa, I have a 9 yr old daughter and 2 yr old boy/girl twins. Things can be pretty hectic in this household with three kids and a partner to orgainise! are there any twin mums or non twin mums out there who want to chat?


Hi Emma, I am so sorry to hear about those people looking down at you because of your age and getting bigger because you are in fact pregnant. Just say to them that at least you are healthy and therefore your baby is going to be healthy and then ask them if they have a problem with that! People can be very judgemental while you are pregnant so try not to pay to much attention to them. They are usually just busy bodies with no life.

Here is some info about me I am 25 now and I had my baby a year ago it has absolutley flown. I was 2 weeks over due so I was induced. I then had a 26 hour labour and had an epidural. Branson (bubs name) couldn't get out so they gave me an epesiotomy. It had to have been the best feeling I have ever had like everything had cleared out of my system. What a relief. He was born 9 pound 2 and the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.

Enjoy being pregant it is one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to your body. I still look at pregnant woman now and think I can't wait to do that again.

I would love to hear from you again email me at [email protected] if you like.
Good luck


Erica, mum of 1 yr old Branson, NSW

chat any time you like [email protected] iam on msn all the time so send me a email any time///

[email protected] plainland qld

Nice to meet you too. We reside in Everton Hills. Which suburb do you live. Sorry that I'm late with my reply I been very busy with work jack and visitors. Jack now is nearly 19 months and he gets very cheeky. The last few days he climbed out of his bad and we have trouble to get him to eat he eats well one day and the next he eats very little. Do you have any tips? Would like to hear from you my email address is [email protected]

judit 18month old jack

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