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I need some email friends Lock Rss

I have no one to email about baby stuff. I have friends at playgroup, but no one to chat with over the email. I would love to talk to someone. My email is [email protected]
I have 2 boys. One is neally 3 1/2 and the other is just over 8 months.
Please email me!

mum of 3


Feel free to have a chat if you find a moment..

My name is Tracii, I have 2 grown up kids, 1 teenager & a our new son just turned 1..

So, one at every crisis! ahahahahah

We're into alternative music, art, the beach ( lucky enough to live there ) getting out & about occassionally - seeing the odd band, going for drives, camping etc..

We've got lotz going on & I'm sure I can relate on some level, so if U like U can contact me [email protected]


Tracii, NSW

Hi BIGMAMA, well if you like I will become your email friend, as I yet to have no-one! Ive just found this site, and really enjoying it. I have two girls 18 & 5 months! They are awesome. My second Cephoenyx-Alyce is really big and healthy a very easy to handle baby! and my toddler Aaliyah-Rose is getting to the terrible two's stage! She is slowly becoming a handful! But it gives me exercise having to chase after her, but its cool. I'm trying to treasure all the good and naughty moments only becuase I know once they hit 5 you might aswell say goodbye. But its choice, I like my breaks though, which I do get from them, thanks to my loving partner. I don't know I find men have more patience and energy than us! Unless thats just telling me that I need to get out and do more exercise like running or brisk walking! (yeah right) Anyway, if you feel like you wanna chat just give us a bell!

Kristy, NZ, 18 & 5 mth baby girls

Hi, I would love to chat to you. You can email me directly on [email protected] I was hoping to get some new members like myself, because everyone else might have lots of email friends already. Hope to hear from you soon. Bye Pauline

mum of 3

Hi Bigmama,
You need an e-mail friend, I will be one.
I have two boys, Jadon who is 8 and Cory who is 7 months old.
I live on the north side of brisbane. I also have no one to talk to, or to chap too.

Please do not forget about me...
e-mail me on [email protected]

Talk to you soon.
Hi I have just connected to the internet and found this site. I'm very interested in talking to other mothers. I have two boys and currently trying for another baby and hoping to have a baby girl.
You sound like me. I have 2 boys and trying for another now. I am hoping to have a girl. How old are your boys? If you want to you can email me on [email protected]

mum of 3

I sent an email to you a while ago, but I don't know whether you got it? If you didn't you can just email me directly if you want to.

mum of 3

Feel free to email me, i'm always looking for people to chat with. So anyone wants to please do.

[email protected]

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

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