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im new too the parents exchange Lock Rss

Hi there, my son Joshua is 6.5 months (25/03/03)
We live in perth Wa. Feel free to contact me:
[email protected]

Dp: Danny: 30/10/82, Ds: Joshua: 25/03/03

Its was good to get your reply. Yes it is exciting, I reckon Georgia does or learns a new thing every day. She is sitting up by herself, holding her own bottle, rolling over, moving around the floor heaps but not yet crawling properly and has two teeth. She has been eating Farex since she was 3 months old progressing to 3 meals a day of custard etc for lunch and vegies etc for dinner but now she pretty much eats what we do only mashed, so it makes things a lot easier.Is Natalia eating solids well? is all going well? Well see ya!
Kirsty and Georgia

georgia 6months

HI!, Im also new at this (having babies I mean) Im 21, my name is Kristy, I live in New Zealand, Hawkes Bay, and I myself have an 18 & 5 mth old girls. I started young but am loving it! I went into postnatal for the first two months with my second, but with a lot of support from my family and friends, I managed to get through it. My partner stays home and helps me with th kids. Its financially hard, but the main thing is that my children get the best of both parents! As the children get a couple of years older, I will be doing my nursing degree full-time, which I will be really looking forward too!! and my partner will be going back to doing his butchery. He's is a qualified butcher, and we are both hoping to move to Australia, Brisbane, for awhile. Just to have a change of scenery. Well that is a basic outlook on my life. It will be cool to hear from you, so until then CIAO!!

Kristy, NZ, 18 & 5 mth baby girls

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