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Hi, I have non identical one year old twin boys Ruben and Karlos. I would love to chat to you all - msn is or email
Hi To all you lucky mums of twins,
I had my first paed appoint yesterday and he was very happy with them.

My little man(big brother) has gone from 1.2kgs to 3.3kgs and his little brother (well not so) has gone from 2.4kgs to 4.9kgs.

They are about 12 weeks old and I have had them home for nearly 5 weeks.

I also have a 2.9yr old, and still think they are easier to deal with then she was.

So guys, tell me, all seems to be so easy at the moment they are good sleepers, settle themselves although the little man has reflux, and just dream babies, when are they going to flip their lids?
Or do you all find twins have been fairly easy, placid children?

I would love to know

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I am finding my boys easier than my first one child too!
Dylan (big bro) at 5 is a handful and I find my boys (who are 7 months) are easier! My boys arent sleeping right through every night yet-but then they are on solids and going through a growth spurt. I just find them easier than when I had Dylan, they also entertain each other which is great whilst I am trying to get there solids ready or if I am getting them changed they stare at each other or smile-sometimes they talk in there cots late at night! Its soooo cute! I especially love it when they sit in there high chairs and hold hands while I feed them!

I have to say you are doing SO well to have a 2.9 yr old plus your twins! I am so glad I waited because I didnt even know it was possible to have twins for me! I was told I couldnt have children at a young age due to Endometriosis and cysts when I had Dylan and then my twins I sure showed them who can and cannot have kids! LOL hehe And they were all naturally conceived! ha That'll tell them!!

Take care and I would love to hear more about all the twins gasp)

Linda-27,Wgtn,7yrold twin3yrolds

Well it seems twin BOYS are the go in this forum.

I have no real complaints about my boys. They are good sleepers, reasonable eaters and generally quie happy. I am however finding it a bit harder now as they are more mobile, but you have a 2.9 yr old so you could tell me a thing or two.

My boys flipped their lids at 10 months and decided that they were not going to sleep properly for about 3 months. Whilst I was going insane, I went back to the basics of controlled crying and they have been brilliant ever since. I love twins, and everything about them - they are fantastic and a great source of entertainment to each other and me.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Again,
Lynda, Reading your post about them holding hands, I got all teary and goosebumps, to me that just sounds so precious.
My 2.9 yr old is starting to react nicely with them at the moment saying "hello little fella or mummy is that the big fella, he's got lovely blue eyes"
Not that I want them too grow up too quick, cause they do, but I can't wait till they really start interacting with each other, I think that will be very special.
I too got told I wouldn't have my precious little boys, I am so glad I didn't listen to a word that /';';,. said. I am going to take them in one day and show him and rub it in his face. Some professionals can be so unprofessional. (sorry this is a bit of a saw point- sorry for whinging)

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

im glad i had twins also. they were our 1st children and i feel that i am so lucky. it was a lot of hard work in the beginning but i think its easier now. the boys were breastfed until 6months and are such good eaters. they are generraly good sleepers. sometimes i will be in the kitchen and all you can hear is them giggling. they chase each other all over the house just laughing - it makes me laugh. hope to chat to other mums with twins. seems like there is a lot more of us out there these days.

moni SA twin boys 17mnths

Hi Moni,
Just reading your post made me laugh.
It must be an amazing experience from their side of things too to have this other life just being with them. Sorry I don't know if I worded that right!!!
The emotional bond they have togeather would be amazing.
Hey, I'm not sure if I have asked this question elsewhere on here, but all you girls with older twins, around what age do they start getting like a seperation anxiety from the other twin. I have to go to queesland as I am a bridesmaid in two weeks and I am taking one of mine with me, for feeding purposes. They are only 4 weeks old they wont fret will they???? I probably will from the one left at home though. Ha Ha :'(

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi to all the multiple mums on here,

My name is Lyn I am 37 and I have 2yr old boy/girl twins, Nathan and Amy, they were born at 38wks by c-section, and weighed 3.1kg (6p 14) and 2.9kg (6p 7) respectivley. I also have a 4yr old girl, Courtney.

Lyn, NSW, 5yr girl & almost 3yr boy/girl twins

First of all, Twin Mum, I'm sorry I have a very similar ID to yours (Twins' Mum). I was quite new to this site when I first joined and didn't realise there was already someone out there with a similar ID.

Anyway, I have 10 month old girl-boy twins born at 36 weeks (9 months corrected). Emily was the elder by 2 minutes. They are so different in personalities and are your typical gentle docile girl,and boisterous adventurous boy. They "play" together and keep each other company, which is good as they get confined to the play pen quite a bit as I am on my own during the day. It's great fun watching them interact - usually grabbing each others toys. But the best part is when they see each other and smile or "talk" to each other.

Yesterday, Emily was crawling over Aidan to get to a toy he had in his hand. Aidan just burst into fits of giggles as he thought his sis was tickling him.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Re the ID I am sure there are alot of TWIN MUMS out there!!! My boys are quite different as well. They too are playing with each other a little more. They often play chasings with William always chasing Anthony. When Anthony is tired, William tells him to get up so he can chase him again. I cannot think of a sweeter sound than my boys giggling when they play. I love being a twin mum.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I have a boy and girl 20/10/03. Born emerg c/section due to pre eclampsia. 1750gm & 2250gm. They are both now on the 10th percentile!!!! I am a member of a Vic <AMBA>. I have only been a couple of times as their groups are during sleep hours, and they are still on 2 sleeps a day. I intend to keep it that way as long as possible.

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi to all you multiple Mummy's
I am only new to this site and I have just been reading all of your stories and they are all so wonderful. I stumbled over this site while I was finding the form to collect the play tunnel.
I have 5 1/2 month old fraternal twin girls. at 38.5 weeks I was induced, after 29hours of labour I had an emergency c section. I was so determined to have them naturally although mother nature didn't allow it but that just doesn't bother me at all now. My girls were born 6lb10oz and 6lb13oz.
They are the happiest babies. They are always laughing either at me or each other. They already have their own little language and I swear I can sit there all day and listen to them even if I don't understand them. Maybe one day they will teach me their language.
I so often receive comments on "how do you cope" "I'm glad it's you" etc.etc.etc.
and you know what.... I am glad it's me because I would not trade this in for the world. I love every minute of being a Mum of twins even on the hard days because at the end of the day nothing in the world beats when you have two beautiful smiles staring straight at you.

Jodi, W.A. Twin girls 6 mths

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