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anyone recomend any other chat groups Lock Rss

Can anyone give me some more adresses of mums chat groups on the net.Thanking you Lisa

nsw 4mth girl

hello lisa
how are you doing i will mail you latter on thes afternoon

one place you could check out is

it is american based but quit nice and frendly


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

If you were interested I have a group for aussie mums. just follow this url

It's still fairly new, but getting active smile
Sorry for the shameless plug, lol

Shannon, TAS, #4 born Jan 13th, 2010!

Hi Shannon
Thanks for that.IWill try it later
Take care

nsw 4mth girl

i belong to an msn group which is great! it has heaps of info and lots of ladies going through the same things you are! hope to see you there!

[email protected]

Von, WA, 2 kids

Thanks Von
Will try it later on
Take care

nsw 4mth girl

these are great Aussie sites;

some members from here on each of these and different topics in each, some have comps as well smile

mum to 5

hi i am a member of two parenting groups i will give u the link there fun and active!
hope u enjoy yhrm as much as i do smile
take care, Jasmine

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

Here are 2 I can recommend smile

They are great active communities


*~*Mummy to Miss Melanie (2) *~*


Try this one - its great there's over 350 mums and every night they meet for a quick chat


Hi Tali,
I couldn't get bubclub working did you mean

as this did work

mum to 5

hey i have a site set up for aussie premmies or anyone who has lost a baby

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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