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any first time mums want to chat? Lock Rss

hey sarah,
i forgot to ask what parker's sleeping habits are like? zach was a horrible sleeper, so i put him in a routine and now he sleeps 12 hours every night! hope to talk soon...

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Hi Tracy,
Sorry i havent wrote back lately been busy!!
I have good news i went into adams work to show him his son and it worked he took one look at him and had tears in his eyes and told me how sorry he was which made me cry! He also wants to be a family finally i have the one person ive really ever loved back and i couldnt be happier hes coming over to stay tomorrow night and its going to be good to have someone cuddle me at night i miss it so much. Thankyou so much for your advice otherwise if had never spoke to your i would have never got the courage to go and see him. You asked if parker sleeps well at night? well not really i guess he has his down nights and other nights he an angel and only wakes up once which isnt very often but now i have adam we can share the feeding times!! smile Horay! Hows everything with you?? Has Zach done anything new?
Sarah & Parker

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

Hi guys, I just signed up today and have been reading your messages. Sarah, I'm so glad to read that you have reconciled with Parkers father, it's wonderful having someone to share the joy with. My son, Damon is 9 months old, he's just started saying da-da and nana (but he still won't say ma-ma),he's not crawling yet but he can get on his hands and knees and rock and he does manage to wriggle his way around the room. He used to be a great sleeper until about 7-8 months, no matter how tired he is, he just wants to stay up and play, I think it's because he's more self aware. Anyway, be prepared because they learn very quickly how to control you, but it's still very rewarding.
YAY CONGRATULATIONS, i am so happy for both you and parker. zach and i have been staying at grandma's. i cant remember wat zach was doing wen i last spoke to you but now he has is first tooth with anutha one coming thru, he is just about crawling, getting up on all fours, he moves his legs but just has the problem of doing the same with his arms??? hehe. he is determined to crawl and everyone of my family have put in a bet. i think he will be crawling by the end of next month if not b4. he wont sleep either he is so nosey he wants to no wats going on 24/ 7. tho he does sleep well at night. 12 hours its just in the day that i am having the problems. i am so happy for you and adam and i hope that it all works out. isnt it so much easier with two? i wish you both the best of luck. how old is lil parker again? sorry my memory has got to be the worst! all the same i do know that he is a very lucky lil man. :d . hope to talk to you again soon.
and again just before i go CONGRATS!!!!! cya for you.
Tracy and Zach

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Hi Cams mum!
My name is Rhiannon, I too am a first time mum with a 5 month old boy Im also 25 and not married! I have been with the father of my son going on 5 years. I really dont see the point in getting married just because you have children. I personally dont think being married makes you more of a family, I mean if we got married does that mean Im now his real mummy? No. I really dont notice people giving me funny looks but maybe thats cos where we live girls as young as 15 are having kids. I realise that theses things do happen and I myself know a girl who got pregnant at 14 shes now had the baby and feels as tho shes missing out on life and I agree, the baby is pretty well taken care of but there are times when I feel real sorry for her son maybe its just bad management. All I can say is Im glad I waited got my life outta the way had the parties and niteclubs and am now so much more settled and can give my bubba the best of me. Feel free to reply Id love to hear more from anyone about similar things or whatever ok?
[email protected]
my partner and i have been together and have a 6 month old little boy. and i am only 17. i get the funny looks and everything like that. but then i do get the people that say that i am a really good mum and that i couldnt do ne better. i dont care about parties, and just cause i have had my son doesnt mean that my life has to stop. i am enjoying life more with my son in it. and i am grateful that i have two people to share my life with. this is better than parties or any of that junk ne day!!!!! i would never change this for a moment. just because im young doesnt mean that i cant look after a child. im happy that im a young mum and if anyone thinks that its wrong or they have a problem. i dont really care because i no that i'm happy with my life. there are no regrets and i would have anutha in a flash if my partner was keen on it.
so all those young mums out there keep smiling and doing wat ur doing cause i know your doing a GREAT job.
Tracy and Zacy

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Hello there. This is my first time using the online forum. I have a 6 month old daughter, Mackenzie. She has slept thru the night since she was 7 weeks old, thank goodness as it was getting quite tiresome. Mackenzie has got separation anxiety, I cant even leave the room without her screaming, even when her dad is there with her. I was hoping to return to work soon, but I dont think that will happen. Has anyone got any ideas, or are going thru the same thing.

Mum to Mackenzie, Mia & Isla

hey kir, tracy here. zach is the same, i cant go ne where unless hes with me. and i find that it is getting worse the older he gets. he is okay sometimes but others he wont stop screaming unless mummy's there to pick him up. i find that if i put him in his high chair to watch tv, eat a rusk or play with his toys on the floor even put him in his jolly jumper for a while he'll be alright for a lil while. but all babies are different, so i'd just try some things out and let her test you a bit. i think because they know that if the say jump, we say how high and they know they have us under their thumb wink . sorry but thats all the advice i can give you as im not really doing to well on that either, haha. hope it all gets sorted soon and good luck,
Tracy and Zach

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

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