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what does your little like to do ? Lock Rss

need some idea to do with ethan he is now 27 month what can i do....

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Johanne smile

When my boys were younger they liked :

cutting pictures from magazine and glueing to paper
jigsaw puzzles
memory card game
chalk drawing on the cement outside or blackboard
drawing with water and a cheap paintbrush on cement
playing at Playgroup with other children
washing the dishes :~

Hope this helps!


Adelaide, sahm, 2 boys 1 girl

my 2 girls love to draw paint play group

mum to 3

my little girl anita loves:

chaseing the cat
painting (plus eating it)
and going for walks
and being around kidz her own age

Mckenzies monkeys

my 11 week old littel girl likes comfort sucking on my breast like yesterday she did it for 2.5 houers man it makes me sore but if i dont lett here she screams.
and bathtime she loves bathtime even by the time we get to dress up she screams
did i mangen she has a temper???
so jung and so tempereament full!!!


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

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