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Hi everyone!!!!!

i'm a 20 year old with a 3 1/2 month old baby boy named Zane.

I had a 6 hour n 22 min labour, my son was born by forceps ( they tryed a vac extract but it didn't work n i had an apesiotery).

Zane was born on the 27th August 2003, he was 3 days over due. Zane was 3340kg (7.6) 50.5 cm long n his head circ was 34.5cm

My support person was Zane's father ,ben n he was great.when Zane was born ben cryed

Having my son was the best experiance i had ever had n i wouldn't change it for the world

If any one would like a chat plz e-mail me at [email protected]

lookin forward to all u'r chats


Roseanna,Wllongong,N.S.W, 15week old baby

Hi Rozy, here is a bit about me:

I'm 21 and my son will be 1 next week. His name is Benjamin (Ben).

He was 4.14kg (9 pound 2) born - 50cm long.
I was induced after being 9 days overdue.

My support person was my partner Ron.

Although we weren't trying to have kids, having Ben is the best thing - he is wonderful.

Both Ron and I work during the day and Ben goes to daycare between 9 and 3, from 3 til I finish work he visits one of his grandparents.

Rebecca, Qld - Bens 1 on Saturday!

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