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Hi Erika
A friend of mine had the same problem with her 3 year old when the new baby came along. It was so bad infact that the 3 year old regressed and wanted daipers and bottles again, as well as to be carried around all the time.
We discussed the problem, and I came up with an idea which seems to have helped. I suggested she get her daugher a couple of goldfish which her she could look after herself, and it might make her feel better and take some of the attention away from the new baby. It seems to have worked so far, and things are looking good again.
I can only suggest the same thing. Goldfish aren't expensive, and it might be an idea for your son to choose a couple himself, and to choose the tank too You can get some good plastic tanks in the pet stores. He would enjoy feeding them and cleaning them out, but I would suggest that you keep them out of reach at all other times.
I hope this helps.


hi guys

my names stacey,im 23and live in SA. i have a 2 year old boy named tait and my second boy was due 4 days ago. i would love to to talk to other mums, my email is
feel free to email me and ill love to hear from other mums about how they have adapted to having baby number 2 cause we all know that 1 is just a handful.

luv stac

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

You will do find I got two childen step one is eight and one is ten and one 6 1/2 Mouth name ETHAN LOOK LUCK .EMAIL ME ON plainland qld

Hi Erika how are you i go three boy to one 8yrs and one is 10yrs and one 61/2 mouth and i hope to have a girl one day I like to here from you a bout yor self Email me on

from johanne plainland qld

hi Becca loved to have some more email friends brings abit of sanity back in to my life email me at


hi becca my name is johanne and i live in QLD at painland I got 7 mouth baby and i would love to talk to you has a Email pals tell me what you like doing well I am 27 year old I like to go shopping for my little boy ETHAN and me too so send me a Email to me if you want to talk more about me or you What is you baby boy call ..

hope to talk you soon johanne plainland qld

hiya all i to have enjoyed reading, learning and even trying to help in the forums.
im 21 f parramatta sydney im a first time mum for ashleigh nearly 6 months, and would love to chat with anyone about anything.
i have only 2 pals with children and would love to hear of more happy times, experiances, and testing times i have to look forward too.
its hard for my pals without kids they dont understand but all i have to talk about is my daughter and i think they are bored with it but is understandable i guess has anyone elses friends droped off from getting pregnant and having babies i think mine where scarred of i was contagious or something lol well anyways if anyone would like to email me send em tooo....
id love any reply im usually on daily and i promise to reply to all

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

hi Jenny I have to talk to you about any thing if you like to send me a Email any time if you need to Talk ............. plainland qld

Hi! I love getting any sort of mail too so if anyone wants to chat then give me a buzz at

Renee and Shane, WA, 1 + 1 on the way

Hi becca how are you so do you like been a mum i love it and i need mums out there to give me a EMAIL PALS i am on all the time so give me a EMAIL any time plainland qld

Hi becca
My name is sue. I live in jamisontown nsw my mobile number is 041 223 5329 please feel free to contact me for a chat. I have 3 kids under 5 years Matthew 4 1/2 yrs, sarah 21/2 & jessica 9mths. I'd love to be a e-mail pal or phone pal.
Hi Jenny. My name is sue 34 years old with 3 kids under 5. Matthew 4 1/2 yrs, Sarah 2 1/2 & Jessica 9 months old. I live in NSW jamisontown. Penrith area. My e-mail is My mobile number is 041 223 5329. I'd like to hear from you. If you live close maybe we can get-together sometime.
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