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Hi sharmaine. My name is sue 34 years old with 3 kids under 5 years. Matthew 4 1/2, Sarah 2 1/2 & jessica 9 months old. I live in nsw jamisontown, near Penrith area. If you live close maybe we can get to-gether sometime. My e-mail my mobile number 041 223 5329 if you want to send a txt. hope to hear from you soon. I'd love to have emails pals to.
Don't ya just LOVE BOYS??? I think boys are the best! I have 2, they are the funniest little men I know and bring so much joy to my life. If I have another one, people say:"oh I bet you'll try for a girl?" What is it with people? I'd be just as happy with a boy again! In fact if it was a girl, I wouldn't know where to wipe!!!

Lydia,SA,Mum of 4 & 3 yr old boys!

Totally agree Lydia.
I have 3 wonderful boys. I get asked nonstop am I going to try for a girl.
I love my boys and it would be weird to have a girl!
As you said where to wipe? Boys, its external much easier.
Hi johanne its sue my e-mail is my home number is 02 4733 0243
hi sue i have send you some photo of me ETHAN so I hope you like it........ plainland qld

Hi Becca,
I live in Sydney and have 5 children rangeing in ages from 19 to 23 months. I too would love to have some e-mail pals. I am a stay at home mum but would love to have someone to chat with about everything and anything.
By the way, not all my children live at home and one of them is my step child!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jen smile

Jen, Sydney

Hi Erika,
I noticed the age gap between your boys. Is this a second marriage or a joined family? Just curious as I too have an age gap between my children and we do have a second marriage/joined family situation.

Jen, Sydney

HI Becca,
Bet you weren't expecting this kind of a response to your post huh wink
Well, my name is Belinda and I too am a first time mum, I have a 1 month old girl Sophie. I'm 28 and live in Melbourne. I mived here from QLD 2 years ago. Would love to have an e-mail buddy too.
I'm also on MSN, Yahoo and ICQ... if anyone would like to chat live, email me and I'll let you know the details.
Hi guys,
My name is Sonia. I live in Canberra. Im 29 yrs old, met my husband over the net(hes Sth African). We have a 15 month old son and hes lovely. If anyone wants to chat, just let me know by email on

Hi everyone,

I'm Lisa and I am 30, married and have a 6mth old boy. I live in Newcastle and my email is I have just moved from Sydney and would love any email friends.

Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi Jenny,

My name is Kelly and I am a mother of a 3 1/2 Daughter and my sons are 2 and 3 months it would be great to be e-mail friends.

Address is

Kelly, WA, Girl 4, 2 boys 3, 16 mth

Hi Jen, My name is Linda and I'm 30 with 5 children all are mine but only 3 are my hubbies.

They range in age from 10mths to 10years. I have 4 girls and a boy athough our oldest is in foster care at the moment she has been there for 8 weeks due to some problems.

I would love to become your email pal if you would like to email me you can at

Look forward to hearing from you
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