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Hello becca I am tash I am 30 years old I have a 7old and a 1 year old.. I hope you are enjoying ns w The best thing for eczeme is to bath them with sorbolyne cream use it as sope and cradle cap put wheat bix on his head I know it sounds yuk but it works see ya tash hope to hear from you soon

tash nsw 1 year old

Hi how are you mine name is johanne I would love to talk to you and time where you you come from I am from Brisbane so you can Email me on any time i am all the time ..xxxx plainland qld

hi how are you sue it was nice to talk to you on the phone give a buss some time so tell me more about your self what you like doing when you go out some where any time you can give me a call xxxxxxxxx plainland qld

hi my name is johanne and i got three boy to two of them are my step childen and i got aboy he is 7 1 /2 mouth and next time round i would love to a girl so what are you going to do to get a girl Let me know what

you do for a girl.xxxjohanne plainland qld

Hello All! My name is Wendy, I have 4 children Stewart 11 Caitlyn 8 Jessica 6 and Jaidyn almost 3. I live in caboolture in Qld, i would love some emails pals! My email is
Looking forward to hearing from anyone! Wendy

mum to 4 (92,95,96,00)

hi stacey, my name is Dani and im a first time mum that has just moved back to adel with my partner, Andy, and baby boy MArk, who was born New Years Eve. If ud like to email me ( and other ppl feel free to as well!!) my email is
Talk soon, Dani

Dani, SA, 6mth baby boy

hiya all, I'm happy to chat to people, whether its thru email or msn messenger, which is quicker. My address for both is .

A bit about me, I am 23, with 3 kids, two girls, 8 and 17 months, and a boy 6. I love to read, and am an ebayaholic!

Ok, thats it for now, Astra

Astra, SA, 3 kids, 8, 6 and 17 months

hi how are you i would love to talk to you any time you email me JohanneChambers@bigpond I am 26 got a boy is 8 mouths on the 30 july and i from brisbane where are you from talk soon plainland qld

Oh my goodness, i'm sorry everyone i have not even been looking at this page, i got an email from johanne & remembered that i put this post on here. I do not often come onto this site, but i'm always checking my emails. If anyone has been expecting an email from me I AM SOO SORRY!!
I will put a little bit more information about myself on this time. I am 20 years old, so quite a young mum but i wouldn't have it any other way, i love my little boy. He is 6 months old now, his name is Reece & he makes me smile every single day gasp) He was born on the 24 of January, 6 weeks early, i was very surprised when i went into labour, in fact i was having contractions for a whole day before i finally said something to my sister & she went 'oh my god, you're having the baby'. He came as quite a surprise to all of us.
Anyway if anyone would like to chat please send me an email, there are so many people that have replied that i wouldn't know where to start, so anyone that wants to email i promise i will reply.

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03

Hi everyone my name is michelle and i have a little boy who has just turned 2 his name is declan
I am after some email budys so if anyone is interested this is my address
cant wait to here from you

Michelle,QLD,5yr boy & 2yr boy

I try to send you a Email but it wont work let me know why .. plainland qld


jo, kempsey nsw, james 2 1/2 years&Isabel6months

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