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Hi Becca, I thought I'd link up with you via your e mail. My name is Kath and I am 31 and have 5 children. I live in Daisy hill in Logan City. I have been married for 13.5 years. Feel free to write me with some info onm yourself.
Hi motherkath,
My name is Belle, im 18 and im 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. I also live in Daisyhill. So far ive had a great pregnancy and my Ob says that things are moving along nicely. I cant really imagine what its like to have 5 kids but i guess life can be very hectic for you. I know theres a bit of an age gap, however pregnancy, babies and children are new things for people of all ages.
Get back to me if you wish

Belle, QLD. Son born 08/01/04

Hi Belle, thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, as you can imagine I'm a little busy. Tell me what your due date is? Are you going down to logan? Do you know what you are having? Around the 20wk stage was always nice for me, I felt so good at that time. I'm glad it's going smoothly, you don't need any extra drama's. You must be excited! I would love to have another one, I just love babies and kids but my health got worse each pregnancy, so I really shouldn't do it again. Instead I got myself a kitten and a puppy. Maybe I need Dr. Phil hey! We live on Brentwood Dve, just walking distance from John Paul. Are you close? Do you live with your folks? They can be really supportive at times, I hope yours are. Anyway, get back to me. I'd love to hear from you! My personal e mail is
hi everyone
My name is celeste and I live in Perth, wa.
I am a Very happy 20 yr old mummy to 4 month old baby girl, Ella Marie.
If anyone wants to e-mail me my address is, or we can chat on msn!!!!
Hope to hear from anyone soon!!!!!!
happy mummying!!!!!!!!! smile

celeste,wa,baby Ella

hi my name is debbie and i have a 7 month old baby boy called casey. i live in the south island/nz. we are having trouble at the moment with his bottles. he seems to be going of them. any advise would be good. look forward to your reply.
Dear Debb, I have 5 children. I live in Qld, Australia. I'm wondering if it's hot over there and bub isn't as hungry. Or maybe he's teething! A paedietrician once said, when babies go off there feeds, don't despair as they would never starve themselves to death. Try and relax knowing when he is hungry he will feed again. Incremin from the chemist is a good vitamin that increases there appetite and is good for them. When mine did this I just gave them vitamins till they were feeding again. I'd try and offer bottles often and only let them drink what they wanted too. Has bub started solids? There is always heaps of reasons babies do this, but take comfort all my friends kids including mine have done this, and my eldest is 12 and they still do.
don.t strees about it my boy is 9 mouths old for two weeks he would not drink a full bottles so he was on 240ml but i did 180ml so try to give him less of it how old is your baby my was teething for the two weeks so don,t worried he or she will get back into it what is your email Address i would have to talk to you.. plainland qld

hi my name is yasmin and i have a 5y.o a 4y.o and a2 mth oldbaby girl i have been told to put vasaline on the area which has cradle cap and to leave it over night i know it sounds messy but it lifts the crusty bits then you comb it off gently it worked a bit on my 4 year old when she was little,just thought i'd give a bit of advice but you dont have to take .good luck withyour baby


hello my name is yasmin iam 25 and have three wonderful children aged 5,4 and 2 and a half mths old i have just discovered this site and would love to hear from other mums .i live in melbourne with my partner and children .best wishes to all you mums


hello my name is yasmin,iam 25 and have three wonderful children aged5,4,and 2 and a half mths.i would love to hear from other mums.i live in melbourne with my partner and e mail address is .best wishes to you all.


HI Johanne
Thanks for your reply, my email address is I have a wee boy called casey and he is 7months old next week, with 2 teeth. casey is back on his bottles but not having as much as he used to. plus he is on soilds which he loves. Hear from you soon. debbie
HI motherkath, thank you for your reply, what part of australia do you live in.The weather here is cold at the moment. casey is teething and still eating food. I think you get used to a pattern and as soon as it changes you get out of routine. he is slowly back on the bottle in smaller qty's. so thank you.
my email address as above if you wish. cheers debbie.
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