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Hi jo my son is 7months old next week. slowly back on the bottle now, but has been having soilds since he was 4mths old. I have been giving him less milk. and not stressing about it. also he has 2 teeth, my email address is forward to your reply.
Hi Debbie

I am from NZ as well, down in Invercargill.

Normally the little ones do go off their bottles with teething, colds etc. thery do tend to hit a stage where they don't want to drink so much and eat just a little more. Please feel free to email me at

mum of 5 -

Hi Becca, my name is julie and i am a first time mother of a baby girl named olivia. this is the first time i have done anything like this, but it is good to have someone else to chat to about our kids. I found it quite ironic that you posted this e mail about 15 minutes before i met my daughter in the ward after my ceaseran.

Anyway i hope i get a response soon.

Julie McQualter

Hi there what part of nz are you from, I lived in
Temuka, my mum know in Timaru..
In regards to the bottle, where you just breastfeeding? weening him off. I gave small bottles, to my little boy then some breast milk. Are you giving formula? Hope all goes well Caz:)

vic, 11 month little man

Hi Caz I live in mosgiel about 5mins away from Dunedin. casey is on the bottle now he is 7mth old and yes its formula, one day he just decided he didn't want his bottles, he had little ones but not like he used to. he his teething and has 2 teeth, and eating solids. so that went on for a week or so, then came back to i know what to do now. don't stress. hear from you. deb
Hi debbie, Its all fun and games figuring it all out.
Iv'e had fun learning and trying new things.
I am 35 so I have run amok, always done what
I wanted to. But I was ready to settle down...
Cameron has 5 teeth with 3 coming through at the
same time. ouch, So he is a bit clingy at the
moment. I aiso have 2 stepkids, every 2nd weekend. Do you work?

vic, 11 month little man

Hi Caz, No i don't work any more, love being a house mum. I am 36 years old . Lived in Brisbane for about 9 years then came back home. I think casey is getting another tooth, he was very sore today. He sleeps good. Hear from you.
Hiya 'luvmyboys',
I have 3 boys also and they are just fantastic! My boys are of similar age to yours actually, Reuben is 8 in Oct, Nathanael just turned 6 yesterday and Christian is 10months. They are a lot of fun aren't they? I wouldn't be without them. THOUGH i must admit we aren't totally sure we've finished our wee family, i'd dearly love a daughter though i think the chances of me having a daughter are less and less each time i have another boy! They say boys love their mummies, i hope so smile
Maybe we can chat sometime.

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

Hi there

I'm in NSW but would still love to chat. I am also 26, married and have 2 boys - 3 and 4 months. E-mail me at anytime!
hi sue how are you going have you been busy ha love to chat to yousoonha plainland qld

Hi there,
my names Jenny i am a single mum to a 1 year old boy, I would love to meet new people, so if this is you please don't hesitate drop me a line......

Hi Jenny, my name is Erin. I'm 28 and have 3 kids aged 10, 3 and 4 months. I met my husband almost a year ago to the day but up until then I was a single mum for over 8 years if you (or anyone else) wants to chat my email adress is .

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

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