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Hi Bek & Peter,I hope I'm not to old at the age of 36 hubbies 31. I've got a 11yo from previous relationship & a 2 1/2yo to hubby.I know everytime I log on,there never seems to be to much going on,so please feel free to email me at [email protected] I'm also from SA so we should stick together

LittleSasa,SA girl

hi bek,
My name is stacey and im 22 years old. i have a 2 year old boy and im currently 32 weeks preggie with number 2.
I live in SA too.
Love to hear from you.
regards stacey

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

hey, its nice to met you both. Aint sa grand, its actually hard to find other mums or mums to be here. Youz can add me to ur msn or email me if u liek i cant wait to hear from yas.

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi I'm Kristy and also from rural SA. I'm 24 witha little boy who just turned 1 and am 33.5 weeks preg. The looks and comments I get can be very rude. My husband and I are both studying, so we are not rich, but most of the time we look half decent. At times you swear people think you are only having babies for the money (I think not!) My Email is [email protected] I must agree about the lack of chatting on this line, but then I'm a night owl.
Hi everyone,
My name is Tracy i'm 23 married to Andrew 24 we have a son name Jack who's 14months and 19weeks pregnant again it would be great if to have some people to actually talk to involve in the samething that i am. i'd love to to join a chat group or something just to talk my email is [email protected]

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

i would love to chat to all you girls. my email is [email protected] feel free to email me or add me to your msn. send me all of your emails and i will add you girls to mine. cant wait to chat to you all soon

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

Hi all iv added everyones msn to my messenger, so anytime your online come chat. I will warn you that i do change my hotmail name, but my id is alwasy the smae the rlm1985. Ok

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

hey girls,
ive added you all to my msn and hope to talk to everyone soon. i gave the wrong email on my last post. my real email is [email protected]
feel free to email me if anyone wants to chat.

Staci, SA, 2yr boy & pregnant (EDD 9/6/03)

I've been trying to email a few of u but i don't get any messages back i was just wondering if any would like to chat it would be great to talk to someone about kids and different stuff.
look forward to any emails on [email protected]
give me a time that your online so we can chat.

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

Hi Everyone,

I too am new only joined yesterday. My name is Sue I am 32 with a 10 month old. I am engaged to Jason and we should be getting married in late October.

I have taken the liberty of adding your hotmail addresses to my contact and will send an email. My hotmail address is [email protected]

Hope we can catch up some time online, other than Tues & Fri when I am not working I don't get on til mid evening.

Bye for now

Sue, Adelaide SA, 11 month old boy

Hi Rebecca im a mother of two little girls taya is 3 and kirryn is 1 and im due in september this year with my third im hoping for a little boy this time.Im a stay at home mother and my husband is a graphic artist and yes im a big fan of kylie.Anyway talk again soon.
hi, nice to meet you. when in sept are you due?
Stay at home mum, i guess im gona be that for a while too huh. oh well the joys of having a kid. Do u feel bubz move yet? when did u first feel it? i first felt my baby at 15 weeks.
Have you had an ultrasound to check the sex?

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

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