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HI my name is Jo i have a 2 year old boy and a baby on the away have been married for 3 years i live in a town called Kempsey on the north coast not a bad place to live but not much for the little one to do hope to talk to you all soon from Jo

jo, kempsey nsw, james 2 1/2 years&Isabel6months

Hi Jo,
My name is Tracey. I have 3 kids. Boy (Aiden)-10.5 years, girl (Angelique)-8 years, and boy (Brady) 8.5 months. I'm often online, so feel free to chat anytime. My email address is [email protected]

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Jo,

My name is Peta and I have a 6 week old daughter named mirabi. I too am looking for someone to chat to. I am 24 and live in victoria right down the bottom in a town called Colac. Looking forward to hereing from you.

[email protected]

mirabi 28/11/03

Hi Jo. My name is Karlee and i have two boys. 20 months and 8 months. I live in Perth and am 22. If you want to chat email me, [email protected]

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

Hello Jo and Karlee,

I am 33 and I live in Melbourne. I have a little girl called Paige who is 6 months old. I work part time and just love having a chat with all the mothers on this sight, very interesting.
Hope to speak soon.
[email protected]

Cherie, Melbourne, 6 month baby girl 06/03.

HI Cherie
How are you going? I am going good I have a two year old boy his name is James Iam 32 years old i have been married for three years and we are going to have a baby in may this year we are looking forward to that. I live in a place called Kempsey on the north coast nsw. Hope to talk soon my email is [email protected]
from jo

jo, kempsey nsw, james 2 1/2 years&Isabel6months

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