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Whooping Cough - PLEASE READ Lock Rss

Hi to everyone who reads this.

My 8 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Whooping Cough 11/07/05. She is fully immunized. I thought she would be covered not to get it.
I was (Wrong)
She has started antibiotics called (erythromycin) as it stops an infectious person from spreading the germ to other people. That will happen after she has been treated for five days. She has had a blood test and a swabbing of the back of her throat.
After searching the net for more information, I came across this Whooping cough site.
Its a great site with more information about Whooping Cough. It can be found at

Here is the sound of a 6 year old girl with Whooping Cough. It sounds like my daughter.

Parents with small babies: Please be aware they don't have a sound like that of an older child. I do recommend in your spare time to have a look at the site and be aware of this Whooping cough.

4311 cases have been reported so far this year (2005) in Australia.
It seams like Whooping cough is on the rise and the key to reducing these nasties - is immunization.

The recommended immunization schedule is shown below and is a copy and past from

Which is a fantastic site. I have learnt more here than what my Doctor has told me.

At birth
Hep B

2 months
DTP/oral polio/Hib/Hep B

4 months
Same as 2 months

6 months
DTP/oral polio

12 months
MMR/Hib/Hep B

18 months

4 years

Year 7 at school
Hep B (1st), after 4 to 6 months, Hep B (2nd) [if not given in infancy]

Prior to leaving school (15-19 years)
Adult Dip/Tet

50 years
Adult dip/Tet

Post-partum for non-immune women

Over 50 years (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people)
Pneumococcal vaccine (every 5 years). Influenza vaccine annually

Over 65 years
Pneumococcal vaccine (every 5 years). Influenza vaccine annually

Thankyou for reading this.
Stay happy and healthy.


thanks alot for taking the time to let everone know i will definatly be more aware of my kids coughs after reading that.
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