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hey im 22yrs old and i have just recently become a single mum. my daughter, zoe is turning 2 in oct. i was i a relationship with her father for 3yrs then we split up wen zoe was 15mth old. he doesnt have much (well u mite aswell say nothing) to do with her. any other single mums out there wanting to chat email or msn me at [email protected]
i live in the riverina NSW
leah and zoe

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

hi Leah,

im 27 and have recently moved to Sydney. I have a daughter Rhianna who will be 2 end of August. I also seperated recently after being with my ex for 10 years. Must say that doing it on your own is totally different but we are getting used to it. Where abouts is riverina??

Clare, 27, Sydney, NSW - Rhianna 30/08/2003

hey leah. i'm 20 and have a 6 month old son. I'm also a single mum. I was with lochie's father for awhile but we broke up before i found out i was pregnant, although he knows he has chosen he doesnt want to be a part of his life. Not a decision i was happy with but nothing i could do about it. Feel free to email me, add me to your msn
[email protected]

take care

2 yrs

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