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searching for 1 lost cousin! Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

Am in a fix right now im trying to locate my cousin
Angela Rose Waugh she moved to Aus a few years ago and havent heard a pep since all i know is that she may have a child., i have some news to tell her about her grandfather charlie that cant wait too long and am desperate to catch up with her if anyone knows her whereabouts australia or newzealand please let me know i wld be most appreciative, even if its just an email addy or so.
also if theres any advice on where i can go to look for her? offline or online that wld be a great help

thankyou soo much!!!

Rachael, tga nz, 12mth girl

Try posting on the essential baby forum, they have heaps more members than Huggies, also you could write to a magazine like thats life or take 5. They are very successful at stuff like this. Good luck!!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

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