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New and looking for someone to chat to Lock Rss

I'm new on the site and am looking for someone to talk to. I have an 8 month old daughter, who was 4 weeks prem, named Jasmine.
My husband works and I stay at home and get very lonely and bored. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy as I am new to the area and know no-one!!!
Just after some sanity, so if anyone wants to chat that would be great!
Thanks, Steph.

Jasmine, 8 months

Hi Steph,
My name is Tracey. I have 3 kids. 10.5 yo boy, 8 yo girl, and a 9 month old little boy. I live in Qld with my husband and kids. If you would like to chat, my email is [email protected] anytime.

Mother of 3, Qld


I know how you feel! My husband works shift work and I am always at home with my 2 children and I get quite bored! I have a son, Gabriel 3yo and a daughter, Brianna 4 months!

If you ever want to chat you can email me at [email protected]

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Steph, My name is Sam i am 29y.o, I have 3 children 10y.o girl, 7y.o boy and 18m.o boy, I live in Logan with my hubby and kids. I to am a stay at home mum, and don't get out much, most of my friends i have are from where i used to work. so if you want a chat my email address is [email protected] or I am on MSN messenger. Hope to chat soon.

Sam, Brissie Mum DD 13, DS 10, DS 5 & DS 5 months

Hi Steph,

I have a 8 mth old girl as well and i too am getting a bit bored staying at home but my work has now asked me to come back and i really am thinking about it if i can get someone to look after her part time but i don't think my hubby wants me to go to work.... you said your new to the area what area???

Hope to hear from you soon. better go i can hear her crying...........gasp(

Thanks for the reply Robyn. I live in South Perth, in Perth, what about you? What is your daughter's name? And what sort of work did / do you do? I've discussed going back to work as well, but don't know. Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to get out every now and then, but then I think about how much I'll miss her!! It's so hard!
Let me know your email address so we can chat!

Jasmine, 8 months

hi steph i know how it is being at home i hve 3 boys aged 3,2 &1 its always good to tlk to some one email me on [email protected] to chat would love to hear from you sooon bye

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi steph

my name is kia and I have an 8 month old boy. My partner works long hours so I'm home alone alot and I too get bored. and just like you i'm new to the area i'm living in and don't know anyone.

hope to chat soon

kia, bris

Hi Kia,
let me know ur email address so we can chat, what area are u in?

Jasmine, 8 months

hi there

well I'm from sunny qld after living my whole life in sydney i've been here for 18months and really haven't met many people.

If ya want to chat my email is [email protected]

talk soon

kia, bris

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