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Any Young Mums in the Quakers Hill Area Lock Rss

Hi i am a 24 year old mum to 3 little munckins and am looking for some other mums to have adult conversation with and playtime with my kids. I live in Quakers Hill so if you are interested then please reply to my post

Hi there my name is Leanne, you should come check out there are a few people from your area on there.

I am in Quakers Hill also and have only been here for 5-6 weeks.
I am 31 with a 3 year old and another Boy on the way due early feb 08.

Am also on Facebook and would love to make friends in my area

Looking foward to hearing from you soon

Ann ( aka nixmum)
im from penrith and have a daughter

should come to we have a few locals there a great forum for mums

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