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Newbie Saying Hello Lock Rss


Just introducing myself.
I'm Donna, feel free to say hello
and to offer any tips for me.
My baby is due on 7th Feb 2004


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Hi Donna

All the best for the upcoming birth!

Try and get plenty of rest in the hospital, where possible sleep as much as you can!



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Hi Donna,

Firstly congratulations on you upcoming birth!

Relax as much as you can, especially about the birth! Read and get lots of stories about birth, so you will know what is happening to your body!

Try not to have preconceived ideas about your newones first few weeks! Take each day as it comes, as you both get to know each other. You will soon get to know him/her and what they want.

Wow, only days to go,
Best wishes,
Hope to hear about your little one,

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Hi Donna

You may have had your baby by now if so what did you have? If not GOOD LUCK. We hope to hear from you soon so let us know how you went.

See Ya

hi u would hve the bub by now hope all wnt well and u are settling into mothrhood

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Hey Donna!!

Well you would've DEFINTIELY given birth by now tongue How did it go? Hope the labour and birth wasn't too bad! Did you have a girl or a boy? Name? Are you loving motherhood? It's a bit rough the first few weeks I found! How old is the little one now? Love to hear how you're going!!


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Hi all

I had a boy and called him Zachary.

The birth went well. I went into hospital 2 days after Zac was born to be induced because he had stopped growing. They went to give me gel and discovered that I was already 3cm dialated and I didn't even know. I had the gel and slept for a couple of hours (well tried to) and then it all began.

I never wanted to have an epidural because I was too paranoid so I only had pethadine. It was quite intense but it was all over in 3 1/2 hours smile

All the best

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Hi Zacs mum,

CONGRATULATIONS smile wink smile wink

What wonderful news to turn on the computer, go to Huggies and to see this! All the details please, if you don't mind, date, weight and length? How is he going now? I really hope he is a good sleeper for you,

Glad to hear the birth went well!

Take care,

Tepe grin

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

...Congratulations and best wishes... smile

We had Zachary 2 days after his due date (9-2-04)
He was a small baby (but my whole family is small, my mum is only 5ft)
He weighed 5lb 8oz and was 48 cm in length.

The first 4 weeks were absolutly wonderful, although we were having a bit of trouble near the end pf the 4 weeks with breastfeeding . So I comp feed with formula (S26gold), and expressed milk to give to him. Before I knew it he was having more formula because my milk was dwindling away.

Weeks 5-7 he was always crying day and night and after a visit to his paediatrician, he suggested that Zac might be having an overload of lactose due to him eating more than usual. So we put him on (S26LF - lactose free) and amazingly enough after his second bottle he was alot more content.

Now everything is great!! (Speak of the angel), He has just waken up


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