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Hello, Is There anyone who tried and did succeed a vba2c in Sydney? Can you please share your experience? I had have two c-sections, first one was elective and for the second one I tried a vbac, but failed because I didn't progress after 7 cms in 27 hours. I want to have another one, but really scared of the painful recovery after c-section. So if there is someone who had a vba2c, can you please share the experience in details, including the difference among the kids, your age at conception, which clinic or hospital or doctor to go etc. Any information would be really appreciative. Thank you all

My 14 month old has been walking from 9 months old but everytime we go to the shops he sits In his pram, most days he doesn't mind but on the odd occasion he does want to walk. I have let him walk with us a couple of times either down the street or at the shops but he is very head strong and doesn't want to hold our hand or even walk in the same direction lol I was just wondering when everyone started to teach their toddlers to walk at the shopping centres, I'm also due with my second in December so I need to decide wether it's worth buying a double pram or if its a waste if he starts walking regularly.

Thought i would start a group for those who are heading into August to TTC. AF arrived for me a few days ago. Ready to get this month under way =) Who's joining me? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited to add; TTC - Trying to conceive TWB - Two weeks before TWW - Two week wait FRER - First Response Earl Response (referring to preg test) OPK's - Ovulation predictor Kit's B'ding/dtd - Baby Dancing/doing the deed O - Ovulating AF - Aunt Flo (your period) Fx - Fingers crossed DPO - Days post ovulation DD - Dear Daughter DS - Dear Son DH - Dear Husband DP - Dear partner OH - Other Half CM - Cervical Mucus EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus CD - Cycle Day BFN - Big Fat Negative BFP - Big Fat Positive NTNP - Not trying, not preventing EPO - Evening Primrose Oil FMU - First Morning Urine/wee

My wee girl has always been physical. Lately she has started running over to hit me when I say no to anything. Today at a birthday party the 1 year old came over for her food and she pushed him over. Then pulled a little girl over twice. We've started using time out and saying no hitting. Hitting hurts. I felt so ashamed today. I left the party and cried all the way home. Is this normal? Anyone out there dealing with this too? Just looking for some reassurance.

Hi all! My husband and I are thinking that maybe our 3 and a half year old might have a mild form of autism. We are looking for a specialised paediatrician in the area, but in the meanwhile I thought I'd ask some questions if anyone can relate. In the last 12 months, we have noticed that she has been behaving a bit different than other children, for example she has meltdowns (not very frequently though) if something doesn't go a certain way (for example, she came in our bedroom the other Morning fairly early and asked me to get her socks, I told her to jump in bed with us and warm up and we'd get the socks later, she kept going on about them and just had a meltdown, crying, sobbing and it was hard to calm her down), it takes her a while to socialise with other kids (if there is one kid or two who she has met before, she is ok with it but if it's a group it's a bit harder, sometimes doesn't like parks and play areas if there are many kids, but not every ...

Hi there, I was wondering if any ladies out there were going to embark on their first experience of ivf and want to share their journey. My hubby and I have been trying to fall preggers for the past 3 years to no avail. I'm 33 and he is 39. I have quite a good case of PCOS and have been on metformin and clomid for the past year. Hubby's swimmers are fine so I'm claiming the issue!!!! ???? will be off to see the nurse for our first appointment end of next week and start the first cycle around 22 July ..give or take a few days. Would love to find other girls that are going through the same thing as, as much as I am excited....I a little nervous about it all.

my newborn is now 4 weeks old. She hasn't been able to latch on since birth. We have been to an ear nose and throat specialist who treated her with a lip and tongue tie. We have had a couple of Osteopath appointments as well and have visited a lactation consultant however no luck so far. I'm expressing before each feed and feeding her from the bottle. Has anyone experienced this before, is there anything I can do to try and get my newborn to latch on and breastfeed?

I think my 7 week old may suffer from lactose overload. He feeds every 1.5-2 hours during the day both sides for roughly 10 mins eaxh side. He then sleep for 9 hours at night. However the issue is with his bowl movements. His poo is green and mucusy and he does about 5 of them a day. Everything I have read about lactose overload says babies can miserable but he is not and is also putting on weight like crazy!! Is anyone else in the same boat and if they are do u think its lactose overload or something else??

My 4 week old seems very distressed while trying to poo and fart, I hate seeing him in pain, I've tried massaging his tummy clockwise, and rocking his legs in a circle motion and it doesn't seem to do anything so I just pick him up and cuddle him! He eventually settles down but it's stressing me out watching him go through this, does anyone have any more advice on how I might be able to help him, he is bottle fed on NAN pro gold, I've thought about changing his formula but was advised against it by midwive, so I'm at a loss n just don't know what else to do, will it pass? Is it just a stage he's going thru with being a new bub n all? Any advice or your thoughts would be appreciated! Has this happened to anyone else's baby?

Hi ive recently found out im pregnant with baby no9 and i have been on indosyl mono 2mg tablets as i have high blood pressure; as this baby was a big surprise ive still been taking my blood pressure tablets but spoke to the chemist today and she told me to stop them immediately as they can cause serious problems and defects to a baby . So now im really worried that something may be wrong with my bub and i cant see dr till thursday arvo. .so just wondering if anyone else was taking blood pressure tablets during early pregnancy and they there baby didn't have any affects of it