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Hey Everyone, My partner and I are on cycle 6 of TTC, I am 25 he is 27 both very healthy. We are booked in to see a fertility specialist next week as we have sex everyday my doctor can't see why we haven not conceived yet. I had a blood test at CD21 to confirm ovulation I got a result of 60 which is really good apparently. I ovulated on CD18 -19, Am waiting for AF to arrive but my temps are still high, but I tested BFN this morning at 12dpo.... This is only my second month charting, any input on my chart would be greatly appreciated. My cycles are usually 28-30 days so I was due for AF Monday - Thursday this week. Thanks xx

So I have been suffering from severe anxiety for the past month and have just done a pregnancy test tonight and turns out I'm pregnant. I want to know if anyone has had anxiety etc during pregnancy. I have been feeling so awful and know I couldn't handle this for another 8ish months. On the other hand if I have an abortion I know I would also feel awful and don't think that would help.

I'm at my wits end with my 2.5yr old. It's really starting to get me down how much he misbehaves for me and refuses to listen to me! As soon as we go out somewhere or he is left with my hubby or we have visitors, he is an angel! I know he can be such a good boy, and I spend so much time with him playing and doing fun activities, yet he insists on doing things he knows is so naughty! Climbing up on glass tables, throwing his toys down the stairs, helping himself to food. (He always has fruit and drink within reach) hitting and biting his younger brother, refusing to listen when I ask him to be quiet or calm down when he's going crazy or if his brother is in bed. Laying on the ground kicking the walls! I know most of you will just say this is normal two year old behaviour and I pray that it is, but does anyone have any suggestions as to why he is so bad for me and refuses to listen to me at all? The only way I can get him to listen is to yell at him or give him a smac...

Hi all, I'm 35 weeks and have Gestational diabetes. I'm on Insulin, first it was 14 units in the morning, then 16 at night, it wasnt working so they upped my dose to 18 units in the morning and 22 at night, still wasnt working, now I'm on 28 units in the morning, 12 at lunch and 30 at dinner, the levels are better than before, but still not quite in the right range! It's driving me nuts! I'm doing everything right, eating the right diet and doing moderate exercise but I still can't seem to control the blood sugar levels! I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with GD or insulin not working, and I'm also being told bubs might have a low bsl when he's born due to mine being so high but dropping when he comes out of me, if that makes sense, it's a bit worrying. I'm just sick of sticking myself with insulin injections 3 times a day when it seems to be pointless, has anyone got any advice? Or they're own exper...

I usually enjoy my coffee but I've stopped drinking it since finding out I'm pregnant. I'm constantly lethargic and can't shake this constant nausea, light headedness and dizziness. It's making it hard to look after my daughter and get all the housework done. I also need to take the dog out everyday as she needs her walks. My fiance is helping where he can but he works all week and doesn't get home until the evening. For some reason I can't eat bananas which I've heard are supposed to be the best thing to give you natural energy, I developed a sudden intolerance for them for some reason. Otherwise I've been sucking on icy poles and trying to eat healthy snacks. I had morning sickness with my last pregnancy but I definitely wasn't this dizzy/lightheaded then. I don't mean to complain, it's all worth it in the end but I wish I could be a bit more energetic.

My husband and I are expecting our first child and currently living with my mum and her partner, as none of us can afford a place of our own. Recently the topic came up about whooping cough vaccinations, with 9 weeks to go my gp suggested that now is the perfect time for me to receive my injection and anyone else living in the home should consider doing the same. Hubby and his family are all immunised against whooping cough, however when we asked my mum about getting hers she was reluctant to even consider the option, she almost seemed insulted by the request. After hearing about the family in Perth who lost their 4 week old to whooping cough, hubby and I agree that taking the chance comes at too great a price and we can not risk our baby's health or , ultimately, her life. We have now been accused of emotional blackmail. I understand that everyone has the right to make their own choices and if she doesn't want to immunise we can not make her. Are we being too unfair by sa...

Reccomendations for good parenting books?? open to trying some different approaches. I have a 9yo daughter and 2 yo son

How do you discipline your child in public? How do you deal with an absolute melt down and kicking and screaming tantrum in public?! At home this behaviour is not acceptable, and our son gets three warnings and then a smack. But I know that smacking is not appropriate in public. He is 2.5. It's causing a lot of tension between me and my husband because he gets very mad when our son acts like this, he has anxiety problems and having something that embarrassing happen in public sets him off. Any advice is appreciated!

Hi.My 24wk old is still feeding every 2hrs during the day.At night he can do 4hrs stretch sometimes all depending on how the day was or how he feels.He was breastfed since birth but my milk supply went really low at 4mnths because of me being ill.Since this happened we had to give him formula because he was getting frustrated when my letdown took ages.I still nurse him at night coz he is settled and not so fussy on the breasts.But during the day I have to give him formula ..only after trying to nurse him without any drama. He takes anything from 100mls to 150mls and nothing more than this from the bottle. I also pump and give him breastmilk in bottle whenever I can.When the lactation consultant came to see us she looked at me like Im crazy when I told her that he still wants to be fed every 2hrs.She said that this was not a schedule at all.Im working on getting my supply back as adviced by the LC. I need adbice from all you wonderful mums..Am I wrong by feeding him every 2hrs during...

Hi everyone! My 7 month almost 8 month old son is teething again! He had 3 teeth before he was 6 months old ( 2 lower central incisor and bottom lateral incisor) now he is cutting a upper lateral incisor instead of the central incisors! It's driving him nuts! Nothing is helping him but he is not overly upset just annoyed.. Anyone else had babies teething all over the place? He has lip tie could this affect it? Thanks