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krazeemumma started new topic Robbie Williams, 'Feel'

I'm reading Robbie Williams biography Feel and it's great. Having suffered from depression and PND, I can relate a lot to how RW feels and his conclusions about this crazy world. Some of it's a b...

Thursday 12 January 05:20pm

krazeemumma replied to topic 2yr old girl wants dad for everything and no longer mum

I think most children go through this stage. They'll too and fro between mum and dad for a few years. If parents don't work together, this tooing and froing can become children pitting mum and dad ...

Saturday 07 January 12:27pm

krazeemumma started new topic 2 sleeping in the same room

Up until Christmas, our youngest son (14months) slept in a cot in our room. We have a very small three bedroom home. One room is the study/office, one is our room and the other of course is our eld...

Friday 06 January 08:59am

krazeemumma started new topic The good ol' tantrum!!

My nearly 4 year old son has started the most horrendous tantrums lately. He throws himself on the floor, sobs and screams, yells that I never let him do anything or that I'm unfair!! When I'm disc...

Saturday 24 December 06:28pm

krazeemumma started new topic How many words can your 1 year old say?

My eldest son has always been very chatty and could speak quite well by 2 1/2. My younger son has been a lot slower with words which I've been told is common in second children. He turned 1 in Oct...

Saturday 10 December 06:18pm

krazeemumma started new topic a reasonable punishment!

I just minded my 4 year old nephew, who is very hyperactive most of the time, but when mixed with my 3.5 year old son, the two of them are like a tornado! Anyway, I decided to do a little cooking ...

Saturday 10 December 04:14pm

krazeemumma started new topic Words used inappropriately

Hi there, Just wanted to get some opinions on an issue we have had for a while now with out son (3.5yrs). Our neighbour's slightly older boy came home from Kinder with some lovely names and other ...

Friday 25 November 06:10pm

krazeemumma started new topic 2 steps forward, one back!!

Another vent... had a few lately lol My eldest son has been a bit slow on the ol' toilet training uptake. The penny finally dropped about a month and a half ago. he was taking himself off to the t...

Thursday 24 November 12:02pm

krazeemumma started new topic replies to worriedmum's toilet problems post

Hi worriedmum, your post doesn't allow for replies so I hope you don't mind me starting a post to reply to yours! Anyway, I was going to suggest maybe looking into other bladder control products. ...

Thursday 24 November 11:57am

krazeemumma started new topic Nasty nappy rash... any cures?

Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old son who has been rather pooey of late... I don't know what's causing it, his diet is as normal but he's been having sometimes 5 or 6 pooey nappies a day. As a res...

Tuesday 22 November 03:14pm

krazeemumma started new topic New mum to site, need to vent and cry :(

Hi all, I'm new here I'm a Perth mum with 2 sons. I just really feel the need to have a little vent about my oldest boy who has been driving me batty of late. He's a shade over 3 and a half and j...

Monday 21 November 01:35pm
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