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MsSmiley replied to topic Lyell McEwin Hospital

Hi everyone, I've had all three of my children born at Lyell McEwin and every experience was different. I can not complain about a thing but one I advice I can offer is stand your ground and d...

Monday 02 May 02:01pm

MsSmiley replied to topic Boys name list- what's your pick please?!

I like the name Saxton but my picks would be Jack Matthew and Ryan Matthew.. My fiancées name is Matthew and wanted to call our only son Matt Jnr. Whatever name u pick, I'm sure he'll hav...

Monday 13 October 01:03pm

MsSmiley started new topic Tickers

I was just wondering how mums on here get there tickers on their profile.. I was wanting to add all three of my kids to mine and nothing seems to be working for me.. I've been using lilypie. A...

Monday 13 October 12:22pm

MsSmiley replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 19 Sept 2012

1. Best baby shower gift I got was a baby bath full of clothes and baby essentials (Creams, Nappies, Wipes, Bath towels, Bath toys etc) 2. You can find Baby shower advice in the search function or...

Saturday 22 September 05:22pm
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