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Midge** replied to topic Unusual Baby Boy Names??

He got his pick last time, and this time is proving hard as well!! I really really want Edison, but he doesn't like it. I have a feeling it will be unnamed at birth! I've returned to th...

Tuesday 03 December 08:56pm

Midge** started new topic A name to go with Bentley

I'm due with number 2 in 7 weeks. Gender unknown! DS is Bentley. Short list for a girl is Gabriella Alexis Boys we've thrown around Eli, I'd love Edison but DP said no.

Sunday 01 December 02:00pm

Midge** replied to topic How often does your partner verbally request........

chalys 'n' J wrote: Never! About once a month he'll be in the mood and start being all snuggly an then start kissing my neck etc and it'll just go from there. I quite like that its not that often,...

Thursday 03 January 01:37pm

Midge** replied to topic Running Out Of Time

I never loved DS name. i still dont LOVE it. DPs choice, he loved it. it suits him,. i made the decision to agree to his choice.. although i didnt have a name i loved either. DS name is Bentley R...

Thursday 03 January 01:19pm

Midge** replied to topic How did yours start?

I spent most of the day in bed, i had a spa about 7:30pm for a few hours, went to bed about 11:30pm and my waters broke at 12:02am. No contractions until lunch time.. baby born at 5:30pm

Sunday 30 December 08:00pm

Midge** started new topic omg, im going to kill him moment.

I'm one of those 'if you do nothing, i'm not going to do it either'. Then I sit here all day being mad about it!

Sunday 30 December 07:49pm

Midge** replied to topic Breast Pumps?

the cheapest place i found to buy an electric pump was they have free postage for orders over $100 and mine arrive the next day in the post!

Tuesday 03 April 01:15am

Midge** replied to topic the formula debate..

I have tried to breastfeed, and so far that hasn't worked. So i am expressing. Im not interested in the price, I want to know what formula is best so i can get a tin as a back up.

Monday 02 April 01:14am

Midge** started new topic the formula debate..

which formula do you use or reccomend? Is there actually one that is better than the other?

Monday 02 April 12:44am

Midge** replied to topic 'preparing for labour and birth'

I'm 37 weeks too and wish i could make him come out. But I think we just have to wait til they decide to come

Saturday 25 February 04:17am

Midge** started new topic Contractions.

As the days get closer to bub being due, I feel like I spend all my time wondering what exactly contractions feel like, or if i will confuse them with the babys movements. So can anyone describe w...

Saturday 25 February 04:10am

Midge** replied to topic Boys names are so hard!!!

I like Charlie it was on my list for a boys name, along with Harrison.

Saturday 11 February 09:51pm

Midge** replied to topic fundal height not increased, measuring small

mine is kinda the opposite, i measured 35cm at 31 and a half weeks. i have to wait til tomorrow to see what they think! so now im terrified my 3 year old cousin is right when he says i have a mons...

Tuesday 31 January 07:44pm

Midge** replied to topic How did/are you telling DH/DP/DF that your pregnant??

We were having lunch, and something came up about cars, and i was like 'oh does your car have a babycar seat clip thing?' hes like 'um i dunno i'd have to have a look' im just like 'yeah maybe you...

Tuesday 31 January 02:23am

Midge** replied to topic 34 weeks worried about DH becoming a Dad

He might be one of the few that actually change when the baby comes.. But if he doesnt, and doesnt listen.. take the controllers, or power cords and then tell him youll give them back when hes don...

Saturday 28 January 12:27am

Midge** started new topic while your in the shower

What did you do with bubs when you were home alone and had to have a shower? if they were awake? i think ill be really paranoid that he'll wake up and i wont hear him crying if im in the shower and...

Friday 27 January 11:15pm

Midge** replied to topic Unusual Baby Boy Names??

I'm the same, having a boy, cant find a name i LOVE, but parter has a name he loves, which i dont dislike, but i dont love. but im just giving in to his choice because im sick of the conversation a...

Wednesday 18 January 09:37am

Midge** replied to topic Going off all forms of birth control?

Tell him his choice, but if he doesnt use one don't be suprised when you say your pregnant agagin!!

Wednesday 18 January 09:22am

Midge** replied to topic boys names

I had Lily/Lillian picked out for a girl! and for a boy I'd picked Harry-Harrison, but the other half doesnt agree.

Sunday 15 January 10:12pm

Midge** replied to topic Can your DH and other family

my bf had told his cousin i was pregnant before we'd told anyone else.. which i was okay with because i told one close friend i new wouldnt tell anyone. but his cousin then told her mum.. and when...

Saturday 14 January 07:22am
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