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3-4me replied to topic Fighting me at meal times

Do you have your mealtimes together? My first son was a shocker, i think he survived of 3 mouthfuls of ood a day or about about a year, but we always ate together and so i just put the food in fr...

Thursday 08 March 11:51pm

3-4me replied to topic children sharing a room - advice please

My boys have beed sharing since 19months and 4months. They do great. They're 3.5 and 2 now. They didnt get too silly with each other until number 2 was out if his cot. They got used to each other r...

Wednesday 07 March 12:57am

3-4me replied to topic baby shower!

My friends and i always do them around a month after bubs is born, that way the gender is known for sure, sizing is more accurate and you know what you still need.

Wednesday 07 March 12:43am

3-4me replied to topic Shampoo and Bath Wash

We use sebamed too, j&j was horrible with my 1st one so i ended up using QV oil and the j&j together. With number 2 we used curash until we moved os where we couldnt get it then started using sebam...

Wednesday 07 March 12:39am

3-4me replied to topic toothpaste

Kids toothpaste is actually lower in fluoride, excess fluoride can damage their teeth, although some is beneficial to strengthen them. All that being said the general rule is once they can spit i...

Sunday 04 March 06:11am
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