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jem started new topic What are the chances?

Hi there I'm a mum of two, run off my feet, and somehow forgot to take the pill for at least a fortnight! I was looking for a bandaid when I saw my pill packet and almost passed out from shock f...

Tuesday 19 September 10:54am

jem started new topic Morning feed

Hi there My son was sleeping through the night - 6.30pm to 6.30am from a very young age. He is now 7.5 months and has spent the past fortnight waking anywhere from about 3am for an additional fe...

Wednesday 07 June 12:50pm

jem replied to topic I dont have a blender, what else to use???

If you dice your bub's fruit and veg very finely before cooking, you could probably get away with using a fork. You might have a bit of trouble when introducing meat though. A stick blender would...

Wednesday 26 April 10:23am

jem replied to topic Baby recipe book for 7.5 months

The best baby recipie book I've come across so far is - 365 Recipes for Babies, Toddlers & Children: 365 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dishes. The authors are Bridget Wardley, Judy More. I'm sooo lookin...

Sunday 23 April 01:28pm

jem replied to topic Born Oct 05? Doing What?

Hi Sounds like all our bubs are progressing normally : ) Jack was born 16/10 and is so much fun. He's rolling back and forth, and has been rocking on all fours too. He is bunny hopping around the...

Thursday 20 April 09:51am

jem replied to topic Baby turning head to one side

Hi My son has the same 'problem', if you can call it that! My nurse suggested all the things you're already doing, however she also stressed the importance of tummy time to help strengthen my son...

Friday 13 January 05:53pm

jem started new topic Common cold and sleep requirements?

Hi Maree I am a follower of the F/P/S program. However, my 11 week old son is recovering from a cold, so could you please advise how I can keep on track with our routine? He was feeding 3 hourly...

Friday 06 January 10:01am

jem replied to topic Routine for newborn - good or bad?

Hi I think it's a great idea to introduce a routine. Ideally, your little one should be awake for a maximum of an hour - feed, change, play. As soon as he shows any sign that he's tired, even i...

Thursday 15 December 06:14pm

jem replied to topic Weight Loss %

Thanks for posting something all new mums are interested about... whether they want to admit it or not : ) I don't weigh myself - kilo's mean nothing when your body shape changes!! I walk most d...

Wednesday 30 November 03:18pm

jem started new topic HELP - feeding 3 hourly when formula fed!!

Is this normal? My 3 week old son changed to NAN HA GOLD from S26 GOLD on the advice of a midwife about two weeks ago. He is feeding every 2.5 - 3 hours (occassionaly I get a 4 hour gap if I'm lu...

Wednesday 09 November 12:33am

jem replied to topic Birth without drugs

Hi Boppie Have you considered labouring at a birth centre? They encourage a drug-free approach. Gas and pethadine is available if required but if you need something stronger you will be transferre...

Saturday 05 November 03:12pm

jem started new topic Best partially hydrolysed formula?

Hi I'm currently using S26 Gold Alpha Pro for my 2 week old son. He has broken out in a rash on his neck so my midwife suggested I try using a partially hydrolysed formula instead because there's ...

Saturday 29 October 10:53am

jem started new topic Hurting down below!

Hi ladies I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and played a little too enthusiastically with my toddler yesterday afternoon. I was chasing him around the house and suddenly felt a lot of pressure down bel...

Monday 10 October 09:23am

jem replied to topic 1st time mum like to know more about water birth

Hi Sam I had a water birth with my first son and would recommend it for any labouring woman. I'm hoping to primarily use water when I go into labour again in a couple of weeks time. The good poin...

Wednesday 05 October 04:58am

jem replied to topic Having a boy?

I like the name you've choosen for your son. I suggested Dylan for my firstborn but hubby thought I hadn't got over my Beverly Hills 90210 obsession and said no!! We called our first son Daniel J...

Wednesday 03 August 07:57am

jem replied to topic Fish oil capsules.

Hi jz I use a fish oil supplement that's suitable for pregnancy. It's called Efanatal and I think it's fantastic. It's not available at all Chemists or Health Food Stores so you'll need to search ...

Sunday 24 July 04:25am

jem replied to topic Exposure????!!!!!

Hi Tracey I know exactly where you're coming from! I felt uncomfortable being examined by the midwife in the early stages of my first labour... Fast foward a couple of hours later and I was sitt...

Friday 08 July 04:47am

jem started new topic Double strollers

Hi Can anyone recommend a good double stroller for a 2 year old and newborn please? Thanks heaps

Thursday 07 July 05:19am

jem replied to topic HCG LEVELS

Hi Rebecca Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had a suspected ectopic pregnancy so my hcg levels were monitored over a few days. 3 weeks, 3 days - 401 4 weeks, 1 day - 1,200 4 weeks, 3 days -...

Wednesday 22 June 10:35am

jem replied to topic Baby's middle name to go with Jack

Hi Angela I'm sure you've had bub's already, but I was wondering what middle name you decided on? We're calling our second baby Jack and I let my partner choose Michael for the middle name...

Friday 17 June 09:51am
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