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jacksmum replied to topic What Routine for a 5-6month old?

Hi my little boy is five months old I have learnt to just go with flow and let him set the pace and routine. Since he was six weeks he sleeps right through the night.That is he goes down around six...

Thursday 03 November 11:52pm

jacksmum replied to topic money saving ideas!

Hi Steph If you arent exhausted from the constant emailing I would love a copy of the ebook. Thanks Heaps Sam

Saturday 28 February 08:29pm

jacksmum replied to topic Pram Advice

Thanks for the feedback Melissa. No my pram doesnt have the bassinet feature and as the Emmajlunga's are really heavy and awkward Ive decided that a completely new pram might be the way to go. Iv...

Saturday 28 February 07:32pm

jacksmum started new topic Pram Advice

Hi All Help - I need pram advice!! I currently have an Emmajlunga Minior Classic pram which is great for me and my five month old baby. However, due to a change in family circumstances I want to s...

Wednesday 25 February 09:13pm

jacksmum started new topic travelling in car

I am at my wits end with my 3 month old in the car. He screams everytime you put him in the car seat and go somewhere even its 5 minutes. Nothing stops him unless you get him out of it. I have even...

Wednesday 12 February 10:27am
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