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hides replied to topic help needed to get dry nights

im also having trouble with my little girl. she is awesome during the day. even if we are shopping she will hold it until we get home. but at night its impossible. she wets herself 13 out of 14 nig...

Monday 04 September 01:38pm

hides started new topic babysitting woes

I am single and my little 3 yr old girl has never been seperated from me. i was hoping someone would have some tips on whats best to do when leaving children with other family members. every time i...

Thursday 24 November 02:51pm

hides replied to topic "Time Out" didn't work - What do I do now?

my little girl was similar to this and would not sit still so we put her in a porta cot so she had to take a time out. persistance is the key, if you let her win just once she thinks shes in charge...

Friday 15 July 11:07am

hides started new topic screaming attachment problems

my little girl is turning 3 in oct and i would like some advice. her father left us almost a year ago now so she has bonded even more closer to me and im having trouble with her attachment. she sc...

Tuesday 28 June 01:26pm

hides replied to topic Learning to Speak

hi, my little girl has just turned two and doesnt say much either. she has her own ramble language, which she does often , but not alot of clear words. she is slowly learning though, and i try to r...

Monday 01 November 05:16pm

hides started new topic feeding & sleeping problems

my little 18 month old girl is just begining to feed from a cup and although it was hard, the tantrums only last a short time now and she willingly takes the cup and feeds herself. The trouble is s...

Thursday 06 May 06:06pm

hides replied to topic Is it hard to stick with a routine or is it just us

hello, my little girl is all over the place too. we tried the routine thing but she keeps changing so it does too. we still try to feed her solids 3 times a day roughly every 4 hours and she has 2...

Monday 05 January 02:09pm

hides started new topic sleeping troubles !?!

I had trouble getting my girl to sleep when she was younger so we allowed her to sleep with us in our bed. i would like to reclaim my bed now but dont know how to do it. she has become very attach...

Monday 05 January 01:47pm

hides replied to topic 20 Minute catnaps during the day

hi, my 14mth girl has always been an odd sleeper. when she was younger i would be lucky to get her to sleep half as much as she was spose to. I heard they should sleep 12-14 hours when first born b...

Monday 05 January 01:24pm

hides replied to topic Survey: Vomiting Baby Research

Hi, i had a girl by c section and she threw up at the hospital a few times (big mess). when i got her home she had shocking reflux. i was up most nights until 6am trying to calm her and get her asl...

Friday 26 December 04:46pm

hides replied to topic 11mth old will not eat at all

also water the foods down she may not like the texture of it being used to milk only. gradually make them thicker to allow her to get used to it.

Monday 22 December 03:13pm

hides replied to topic 11mth old will not eat at all

hi, my 14mth girl also loves breast milk, im trying to wean at the moment but even after a mug of water she gets cranky if i dont also give her breast milk, even if its a 5 min feed. until recently...

Monday 22 December 03:11pm

hides started new topic teaching chewing

my 14mth girl has only just started eating lumps in her food. she also used to refuse everything but fruit. i have only now been able to get her to eat meat and vegies if its smaller than a pea. sh...

Monday 22 December 02:51pm

hides replied to topic Saying Dadda

hi, my little girl started saying mamma first at 5 months then she stopped at 8 months and said dadda instead. she is now 14 months and still refuses to say mamma. if i ask her to say it she says d...

Monday 22 December 02:36pm
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