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Chowy replied to topic Ultrasound

i was in the same situation as you and had to have a d & c in Dec 2011.......In May 2012 we finally got another BFP!! I went in for a 6 weeks ultrasound and then almost every second week as i beca...

Wednesday 26 September 08:11pm

Chowy replied to topic I think I might have....

i started at about 17 weeks...very light and random... Now i'm 21 weeks and evryday...kick kick kick... in the morning mainly, lunch time and then in the evenings sitting in front of tv and lying...

Wednesday 26 September 07:55pm

Chowy replied to topic scared of miscarriage

I too had a miscarriage but am now almost 19 weeks....everyday i have anxiety that something bad will happen. I ended up buying a foetal heart doppler and use it basically daily. It definately re-...

Wednesday 05 September 07:35pm

Chowy replied to topic Antenatal Clinic appointments, when did u first go?

I went at 16 GP gave me all the referrals for dating, NT scan..

Wednesday 05 September 07:32pm

Chowy replied to topic worried

Rosie Mumma wrote: I had a scan at 6 and a bit weeks and the technician could only see a sac but said it was probably too early. I didn't have another scan until I started spotting at 8.5 weeks and...

Friday 31 August 06:45pm

Chowy replied to topic weight gain *huge sigh*

i;m 16.5 weeks and have so far put on 9 kgs....Started at 58kg and now 67kg. I'm 167cm tall and my boobs have gone from B to C cup.... who knows where i will end up by the end of the pregnancy

Friday 24 August 08:09pm

Chowy replied to topic glucose test

I'm 16 weeks and just did the '1 hour' glucose test.....apparently if everything is ok i wont have to do te '2 hour' glucose test later on..??

Friday 24 August 08:02pm

Chowy replied to topic Downs Syndrome test results

I'm 28 years old and got 1:3500.....nuchal fold was 0.10cm

Friday 24 August 08:00pm

Chowy replied to topic Sorry if this is TMI

yep....just started and i'm 16.5 weeks

Friday 24 August 07:59pm

Chowy started new topic Early colostrum leakage at nearly 15 weeks??! :/

Hi there, I'm 16 weeks and just started experiencing the same thing as you this week. I definately didnt exxpect it to happen so early!

Friday 24 August 07:53pm

Chowy replied to topic When did you first feel your baby move?

Hi ladies, i'm 15 weeks exactly. Sometimes i think i feel bubba, especially when i am sitting still and concentrating on feeling something. But then, am i just feeling my own heart beat?? I am so ...

Sunday 12 August 12:38pm

Chowy replied to topic Bleeding while pregnant?

Hi Sacira, Currently I have 6 weeks pregnant. I have had brown spotting for the last two weeks. A week ago for two days in a row, out of nowhere i had about a tablespoon of runny, brown blood come...

Thursday 14 June 02:32pm

Chowy replied to topic spotting 2 weeks before period due

Congratulations chowy that's very exciting news. Well still no news. Tested again and still a negative result its now 1.5 weeks over my period due date and they still haven't arrived if nothing h...

Sunday 06 November 11:04pm

Chowy replied to topic Due July 2012

Congrats to everyone. I just found out this week that I am pregnant. All in all I did 7 HPTs from 4 different brands!!! Talk about wanting to be sure! Luckily all of them were positive. Waiting for...

Sunday 06 November 11:00pm

Chowy replied to topic spotting 2 weeks before period due

Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum and hope that I can share my experiences with you and can take feedback from you also. I was due for af ON 2/11/11. i started to experience some very light spot...

Saturday 05 November 07:38am
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