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L.P started new topic Going from 1 to 2

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with bubba #2. DS is 15 months old now, so there will be a 20 month gap between the 2 when the new baby comes. I was wondering about how other family's dynamics cha...

Monday 27 August 07:04pm

L.P replied to topic Due January 2013

shnugims wrote: here is the new fb group just for us smile The link doesn't seem to work. Possibly because the page might be private

Monday 09 July 04:04pm

L.P replied to topic Due January 2013

Hey ladies, I've had a big break from Huggies over the last couple of months. Got my BFP a wee while back, due 25th Jan I haven't had a good read through the posts yet, but noticed the fb page, co...

Monday 09 July 01:32pm

L.P started new topic Anyone ttc in NZ

I have 46 OPKs, 1 regular strip pregnancy test and one clear blue digi pregnancy test. $25 for the lot including postage anywhere in NZ. I was going to give them away, but DP doesn't want me to bec...

Monday 09 July 01:28pm

L.P started new topic Should I keep it hidden?

I'm just shy of 6 weeks, this will be my second child, forth pregnancy, will find out for certain tomorrow at the dating scan, but I already have an unmistakable bump! I know it's only bloat at thi...

Tuesday 29 May 08:17pm

L.P started new topic Sydney Shopping

Hi everyone We are flying over to Sydney on Tuesday for a little family holiday for the week. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestion for good places to go shopping. In particular clothing ...

Monday 21 May 06:30am

L.P replied to topic What are you craving?!

Everyone's seem so normal compared to mine lol. Today I've been really craving stock powder. I am guilty of dipping my finger in the Vegeta a few times today. Which is disgusting! I've been craving...

Monday 21 May 05:20am

L.P replied to topic incresed cervical mucus, no appetite and dry mouth

I got my BFP earlier this week. The week beforehand I had crazy amounts of CM, for the last week I've had an unquenchable thirst. Definitely test, that's the only way to be sure How many DPO are you?

Monday 21 May 05:18am

L.P started new topic BFP!

I've been absent from huggies for a while now. Just having a bit of a technology detox. But now I am definitely back and sooo happy to say we got our BFP this week, due January 25 As soon as I fou...

Monday 21 May 12:24am

L.P replied to topic 6month old immunisations

I haven't been through this personally sorry. Have you tried him on some water to keep fluids up? When did you go see your doctor? Don't be afraid to take him back to the doctor and ask for a secon...

Friday 27 April 07:33pm

L.P replied to topic opinions please

Do you want to be pregnant? It is certainly possible that you could be. They say to test the day of your missed period. But I have no self control and start testing around 10dpo with internet cheap...

Friday 27 April 07:27pm

L.P replied to topic What does your baby do when they wake up?

my bub generally pummels my face or trys to relieve me of either my eyelids or my nostrils roll eyes he has his own bed but when he wakes for his 4.30ish feed he often ends up asleep in our b...

Friday 27 April 06:14pm

L.P started new topic What does your baby do when they wake up?

DS is now 11 months old. He is a fantastic sleeper, goes down about 7.30pm, wakes up about 7.30am. He used to grizzle a little when he woke up and that would be the start of our day. But for the la...

Friday 27 April 05:58pm

L.P replied to topic Anyone watching Anderson today??

So what did you think of the show? I was once again reminded why I don't watch day time television I personally don't think working mums as a whole are happier, everyone is different. I've found ...

Thursday 26 April 01:12am

L.P started new topic Anyone watching Anderson today??

It's about stay at home mums and who's happier, stay at home mums or working mums. Looks interesting!! I just put it on, I normally never watch day time television lol. This one does look intere...

Wednesday 25 April 10:06pm

L.P replied to topic Palmerston North Mums

Hi! I have two coffee groups in Palmy if you are wanting to join. I'm almost 22 with my first bubba, who is almost one! Let me know I would love to join your coffee groups I just turned 22 ...

Wednesday 25 April 01:31am

L.P replied to topic Modern Cloth Nappies

While i was googling to HOPEFULLY find something out i found peapods has anyone had much to do with them? Are they good ? I bough...

Tuesday 17 April 09:20pm

L.P replied to topic Did you find out your baby/s gender????

I didn't want to find out with DS, but when it came to ultrasound time I couldn't pull my eyes from the screen even for a second, and it was so blatantly obvious that he was a boy. At first I was a...

Wednesday 11 April 06:11am

L.P replied to topic Baby of the day :)

Thanks again ladies! We are currently holding a tiny lead, it's incredible how much we have caught up. Voting ends at midnight tonight.

Wednesday 11 April 01:49am

L.P started new topic Braxtons

15 weeks and they were agonising! My MW couldn't explain why mine were so intense. I ended up tearing my rectus abdominus muscle (basically my abs) at 23 weeks, the doctors thought that was due to ...

Tuesday 10 April 08:31pm
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