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MelissaR replied to topic Storing Homemade Purees etc

I also save the trays from commercial frozen baby food and re-use them for my own frozen food; I find that they are easier to push the food out of, too. Mel

Friday 26 March 02:18pm

MelissaR replied to topic Reflux?

My 1yo had very bad reflux which was diagnosed when she was about 3 mths old, and finally went away at around 9 mths. In between, we used Gaviscon and Zantac. We also gave smaller feeds, more often...

Friday 26 March 02:14pm

MelissaR replied to topic Whats your 6mth eating??

I used frozen baby food as I could mix and match what baby was eating - also, I tried the jars and frankly the smell and consistency made me feel sick. We use single veggies and fruits jars but nev...

Friday 26 March 02:10pm

MelissaR replied to topic stuff u cant live with out

I loved * My latex wedge pillow in late pregnancy (you tuck it up under your tummy and it keeps you in place) * My zoo pillow (after baby was born - she's one and still uses it for every breastfeed...

Friday 26 March 02:06pm
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