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jentan1 replied to topic Need a routine

Comfort is the best remedy - I used the sssh sssh night night time and stayed in the room held hand through the cot - using this at every sleep - it ok wheres you r favourite toy routine if a tempe...

Friday 20 August 09:42am

jentan1 replied to topic How much sleep is your 10 -12 month old getting.

Hi My boy joel has just changed in recent weeks. But really he should be have at least 1-1/2 hours do you leave him in the cot for longer to play, rather than getting him out as soon as he crys an...

Friday 20 August 09:36am

jentan1 replied to topic When is it safe for a pillow in the cot????

Hi I pretty sure not until in a bed of their own. As they tend to pull things on their faces etc. My boy Joel 10months loves a pillow to, I have a small matress in lounge and a pillow and usuall...

Friday 20 August 09:26am

jentan1 replied to topic Separation Anxiety!!!!

Hi Just in short how old is rachel. What is zantec for ? Finger food from 7-8 months very soft potato a good start well thats what I did. Im not sure how old your baby is Janine

Friday 20 August 09:21am

jentan1 replied to topic Sleeping to long???

my bubs has slept like this as well since 8 weeks old nothing to worry they will wake if hungry or thirsty - my clinic sister said to make sure plenty of fluid during the day and lots of water if p...

Saturday 27 March 01:40am
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