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FionaDaunt replied to topic Ear Infections

Hi Peta I'm so sorry that the chiro couldn't help. I really hope that you can get Cam in to see a specialist before Jan. It sounds as if she (and you) are coping with so much, but I'm sure you know...

Saturday 25 October 10:53am

FionaDaunt started new topic Confused about Kindi and Pre-school starting age

Hi everyone Having moved over here from the UK last month, I'm trying to come to grips with the schooling system that my little boy Henry (14 months) will go through. Please can any Mums out there ...

Saturday 25 October 10:43am

FionaDaunt replied to topic First time Mums

Hi everyone, I've just moved to Brisbane from the UK and am looking to meet up with other 1st time Mums. I have a 14 month year old boy and would love to make some new friends. Hope to hear from yo...

Friday 17 October 12:26pm

FionaDaunt replied to topic Reflux baby!

Hi Tania My son Henry had reflux until 8 months, we tried everything, saw all specialists etc. I got on the web in the end and read that (as Ange writes) a Chiropractor can help. I am from the UK a...

Friday 17 October 12:00pm

FionaDaunt replied to topic Ear Infections

Peta I was so sorry to read about Cam's problems with her ears. I don't know if you have considered this, but would you take Cam to a chiropractor to see if it would help? Our son (14 months) has n...

Friday 17 October 11:29am

FionaDaunt replied to topic Reflux

To all other suffering Mum’s. I am from the UK, having just emigrated here and have a 10 month old son – Henry, who was diagnosed with reflux at 7 months. It was a long battle to get any profession...

Tuesday 08 July 04:14pm
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