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mumov3 started new topic cows milk in food

hi everyone, What age can you add cows milk to foods, like cereals? I find it hard to express enough milk to mix it with. My little man is 6 months old. My other children are 12 & 8 years and I can...

Thursday 20 November 04:28pm

mumov3 replied to topic confusing!

Hi, My son has just turned 5 months, I started giving him farex about 2 weeks ago. I expressed breast milk into it and made it very runny, each day I would put less milk into it till it is of a smo...

Thursday 09 October 06:49am

mumov3 replied to topic Knowing my name

hi new mum, Have you had your daughters hearing tested, Babies automatically have their hearing tested within 3 days now is SA. I don't know about other statesIts very simple and only takes a cou...

Thursday 09 October 06:26am

mumov3 replied to topic Tips on getting bub to roll

don't rush him, their not babies very long. My first 2 children did everything early, they seemed to grow up to fast. With my 3rd and last baby 5months I'm not worried that he is not rolling yet. I...

Friday 03 October 11:07am

mumov3 replied to topic eating very little, drinking next to nothing.

Hi Kate,You didn't say whether your son has always been like this, between grow spurts babies do slow down on their feeding and if he is quite content try not to worry to much ,I know it is easier ...

Friday 03 October 10:57am

mumov3 started new topic short feeds and sleeps

My nearly 5 month old son doesnt feed for very long, maybe 10minutes if I'm lucky I am breast feeding and I really don't know how much he is getting. during the day he only sleeps between 30-45 min...

Friday 03 October 10:44am
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