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Gumby replied to topic breastfeeding

Hi, When my son was born he was 6 weeks premmie, and I had heaps of milk. Because he was so small, he only had the strength to have one breast feed to two bottle feeds, and when it did go time fo...

Monday 27 October 01:18pm

Gumby replied to topic playgroups??

Hi dais_y81 We moved to a tiny mining town 12 months ago, and I knew not a sole. At our shops we have a general community notice board, this is where I found a notice about our town's playgroup s...

Monday 27 October 12:56pm

Gumby started new topic Spending forever on potty then weeing in nappy

Hi, My daughter was 2 in September. For her birthday see got a baby doll who has her own potty. Whenever 'baby' wakes up my daughter usually puts her on the potty. At the same time as 'baby', m...

Monday 27 October 12:49pm

Gumby replied to topic trying to teach my son to go potty

Hi Missymoo800, I have heard that putting a ping pong ball in the toilet works for toilet training little boys to wee, as it gives them something to aim at, rather than trying to get them to sit o...

Monday 27 October 12:35pm
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