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Suz_E_E replied to topic Pre-labour?

hello, I'm having the same sorta issues.. I have no idea what it is and wont see my midwife till next week.. (Kinda hoping things are beginning to happen)Wish I could help but at least you know tha...

Thursday 19 January 09:53pm

Suz_E_E replied to topic Is this labor??

Yes, I did snowflake. I got hubby to take me to the after hours that night. They just told me to bed rest and not go anywhere or do anything, I still get them at night but not as severe provided im...

Thursday 19 January 08:15pm

Suz_E_E started new topic Is this labor??

Soo.. I am 35 weeks and baby turned and 'dropped' weeks ago. Over the past few days I have noticed that the aches I have been whinging about actually have a bit of a pattern to them. First I will g...

Thursday 19 January 06:07pm

Suz_E_E started new topic HELP! Horrific pain 34 wks

I am 34 weeks with my very first, a little princess. For 3 days I have had some serious lower abdomen pain the worst I have ever felt, its mainly on my left side towards the cervix area. Baby dropp...

Thursday 12 January 08:33am
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