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picklemonster replied to topic Positive Dads

I was just reading the "DH is pissin me off" and thought wow some people are having a hard time and then I saw this one. Beautiful! My DH is far from perfect and yes on bad days I wish he would do...

Wednesday 28 March 09:03pm

picklemonster replied to topic 40 + days

Hi Ladies Both of my gorgeous bub went over, a week with my first and 8 days with my second. Second time around it was even worse because 'they' all say the second usually comes on time. She was ...

Sunday 18 March 12:14am

picklemonster replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

Hi All My gorgeous son (18 months) has always liked brushing his teeth from 4 months of age and chewing away at his brush however i'm not sure how long to brush his teeth for as he does become bor...

Saturday 17 March 12:53am

picklemonster replied to topic Anger Issues

My advice, watch The Change Up. Not only is it a hilarious but the scene of the baby headbutting gives you a weird sense of comfort knowing that it happens to almost every parent. My little man ...

Saturday 17 March 12:41am
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