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Brenda replied to topic formulas

Gosh am I a bad Mum? I've only ever used the formulas sold at Coles. For my first couple of kids I used Nan 1 (under 6 months) then 2(over 6 months). But the last couple of kids I've used the ch...

Thursday 15 January 08:44am

Brenda replied to topic Colic

It's only an old-wives-tale but it always worked on my six kids. Keep socks on their feet. We live in hot old Darwin but my kids all wore socks and whether it is coincidence or not, they didn't g...

Thursday 15 January 08:39am

Brenda replied to topic 11 month who does not like to sleep through the night

With all my six children I have never had one that has 'slept throught the night' on their own accord. I have always used the controlled crying method at around 8 months of age. It's hard, sleep-...

Thursday 15 January 08:26am

Brenda replied to topic walkers???

I have six children and all have used a walker for the period between rolling and crawling. It is much better if they are used where the walker cannot fall down stairs or tip over. Because we hav...

Wednesday 14 January 06:14pm
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