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Ruapehukaza replied to topic Nappies

I've just read online that there are imported nappies that have come into NZ that are not manufactured by huggies. You may want to check to see if they are one of these products.

Wednesday 24 September 07:27pm

Ruapehukaza replied to topic Nappies

Foxglove wrote: I'm finding the new newborn ones hopeless. They do absorb more, but every soiled nappy leaks, no matter how I put them on!

Wednesday 24 September 07:25pm

Ruapehukaza started new topic Nappies

Who has used the new and improved "walker" nappies for girls? I bought a new box of them last week, the first two nights of using them, my daughter developed a rash around her bum and gen...

Wednesday 24 September 06:58am
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