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channyb replied to topic hello to everyone

Hi April! i am like you going to be a young mum! i am 17 as well like yourself and i cant wait! i'm alot closer than yourself to having my bub! I have four weeks left and im getting a bit n...

Tuesday 20 April 06:16pm

channyb replied to topic Aching in Butt

hi I'm Chantelle i'm due on the 19th of May 2004 and have had similar pains especially when i'm sitting the car. My partner drives all the time and when we go out i found that sitting with...

Tuesday 20 April 06:00pm

channyb replied to topic The First Kick

Hey everyone i was about 16 weeks when i first felt a kick and about a week later they were as strong as they are today and i am nearly 30 weeks along. I kept thinking i was further along but on...

Sunday 07 March 04:33pm

channyb replied to topic New on the block!

Hey guys! My name is chantelle i am from bridgewater in hobart tas and pregnant with my first! I am only 17 years old but my partner and i feel we are ready for the responsability of a child! W...

Monday 23 February 07:53pm

channyb replied to topic when will I put on weight

Hey everyone! i'm 28 weeks pregnant and i can still wear my own jeans and even though i have put weight on it has only been in the last 2 weeks. I was told not to worry about my weight because...

Monday 23 February 07:23pm

channyb replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Hey everyone! I'm Chantelle pregnant with my first and i'm due on the 19/5/04 if anyone would like to chat my email is [email protected] Good luck to you all with your pregnancies

Monday 23 February 07:09pm

channyb replied to topic anyone used TENS

You are right it cant hurt to try i actually wouldnt mind trying it myself let me know how you go! If you want to chat at all my email is [email protected] I have 14 weeks to go and ...

Thursday 12 February 08:10pm

channyb replied to topic anyone used TENS

Hi how are you? congrats on your pregnancy. I havent used the tens machine as i am still pregnant with my first but a friend of mine had a baby 7 weeks ago and tried the TENS machine as she was t...

Monday 09 February 06:30pm

channyb replied to topic names? anything different? I don't have a clue.

Hi psychick i am having a boy and a few names we have come up with you dont here often are Logan, Zain,Blaze, Zack, Datanyan thats all we come up with i hope they help and let us know how ...

Sunday 04 January 08:13pm

channyb replied to topic Young Mums

Hi i'm chantelle. I am 17 and 19 weeks pregnant with my first child. I'm very excited to be becoming a mum and i would love advice from anyone who has anything to offer, i would love to meet a you...

Sunday 21 December 03:46pm
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